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Largest Beaded Wedding Dress: Gail Be breaks Guinness World Records' record (VIDEO)

Most Expensive Shoes: Jason Arasheben breaks Guinness World Records' record (VIDEO)

   Largest High-Heeled Shoe: Kenneth Cole breaks Guinness World Records record (VIDEO)

    Longest Fashion Show: Cotton breaks Guinness World Records record (VIDEO)

Most people applying facial masks: Taipei breaks Guinness world record

Longest dress: Designer Henry Holland breaks Guinness world record (VIDEO)

Most people modelling on a catwalk: Philippines breaks Guinness world record

Longest hair extension: college students have broken Guinness world record

Most underpants worn: Gary Craig breaks world record

Oldest bra: 600-year-old linen bra sets world record (VIDEO)

Most Expensive Skincare Cream: Cle de peau Beaute sets world record

Most Makeovers in 24 Hours: ULTA Beauty and Lucky Magazine set world record

 Oldest Supermodel: 83-Year-Old Daphne Selfe sets world record (PICS)

Richest Model: Kathy Ireland sets world record (HD Video)

Most heads dyed in 24-hours: Damien Bennett sets world record (Video)

Most underwear worn at one time: Janine Keblish sets world record

Most T-shirts worn at once: Andy Coyne sets world record

Most diamonds set in one ring: Lobortas Classic Jewelry House sets world record

First Million Dollar Fragrance Bottle: DKNY set world record (Video)

Longest tattoo session: Robin H.M. and Jeff Garton (Video)

First bacon-scented perfume: Fargginay Inc. (HD Video)

Most cosmetic procedures: Cindy Jackson (Video)

   Most Expensive Nail Polish: Gold Rush Couture by Models Own

  Most Beautiful Woman: Miss USA Alexandria Mills

  Fastest relay race in stiletto heels: Australian women 

 Longest Catwalk: The Copenhagen Fashion Week

   Most Expensive Diamond Tattoo:
jeweler Yair Shimansky

   Most lipstick applications:
Estée Lauder

   Most Tattooed Woman:
Julia Gnuse

   Most T-Shirts Worn at One Time:
Kruno Budiselic

   Wearing most underpants at once: Gary Craig

    Smallest Tattoo of a painting: Wingnut

    Most tattoos given in 24h: Robbie The Coon

 Most tattoos done in 24 hours: Kat Von D

Oldest Surgery Patient: 100-year-old patient sets world record

Most breast augmentation surgeries performed: Ted Eisenberg (Video)

   Most whole blood donations: Phil Baird

   Oldest Practicing Doctor: Dr Walter Watson

   Most successful piles surgeries: Dr. Sudershan Chugh

   Most eye operations: Tatyarao Lahane

   Most kidney stones removed from a patient: Dr. Ashish Rawandale

   Largest Breast Implants: Sheyla Hershey

   Hairiest Girl: Thai girl Supatra Sasuphan


  Most dogs washed on one hour: The Barking Lot breaks Guinness world record (VIDEO)

  Fastest dog to travel 30 metres on a scooter: Norman the dog breaks Guinness world record (VIDEO)

Most Expensive Pet Wedding: NYC Dog wedding sets world record (VIDEO)

Most dogs on a surfboard: 17 dogs break world record (VIDEO)

Most dogs in costumed attire: St. Louis pet parade sets world record (Video)

Animal Most Photographed with Celebrities: 'Lucky' the dog sets world record (Video)

Most Dogs in Pet Costume Parade: 337 dogs set world record

    Most dogs in costumed attire:
Scarborough dogs

    First concert for dogs
- 'Music for Dogs' concert  

Most sets of twins in one grade: Illinois school breaks Guinness world record

Most lost family members found: Lieutenant Keon-su Lee sets world record

Most living generations: Gladys Sweeting's family sets world record

   Largest family to complete a marathon-O'Donoghue clan

  Biggest family: Ziona Chana has 39 wifes and 94 children: a world record (Video)

  Biggest albino family: Indian Albino Family sets world record

  Biggest family tree-world record set by Roy Blackmore

  Oldest family: Sardinian family sets world record

Largest Financial Literacy Education Event: Banc of California breaks Guinness World Records record (VIDEO)

Highest advertising: Dubai breaks Guinness World Records world record (VIDEO)

Most model rockets launched simultaneously: Chesterfield Teens Break Guinness World Records' record

 Heaviest firework: Japan breaks Guinness World Records' record (VIDEO)

Longest sparkler relay: Viejas Casino & Resort breaks Guinness World Records' record (VIDEO)

Most water used in an Ice Bucket Challenge: Sparta breaks Guinness World Records' record (VIDEO)

Largest stick bomb: Lakeview Library breaks Guinness World Records' record (VIDEO)

 Most selfies taken in one hour: Malaysia breaks Guinness World Records' record (VIDEO)

Greatest distance traveled on a slide in one hour: Memphis breaks Guinness World Records' record (VIDEO)

Most Selfies taken in one hour: Skittles breaks Guinness World Records' record

Longest line of carved pumpkins: Calgary breaks Guinness World Records' record

Largest donation of toys: TANG breaks Guinness World Record

Most river lamps lit: China breaks Guinness world record

Fastest Bed Making: Andrea Warner breaks Guinness world record

Fastest Clapper: Bryan Bednarek breaks Guinness world record (VIDEO)
Longest speech: Alex Cequea breaks Guinness world record

Highest swing ride: Texas theme park breaks Guinness world record (VIDEO)

Most sky lanterns flown simultaneously: Philippines breaks Guinness world record (VIDEO)

Longest Ferris wheel ride: Clinton Shepherd breaks Guinness world record (VIDEO)

Highest Harlem Shake: British Airways breaks Guinness world record (VIDEO)

Oldest High School Graduate: Fred Butler breaks Guinness world record     

  Most kisses received on the hand in one minute: Veena Malik breaks Guinness world record (VIDEOS)

Most hugs given in 24 hours: Jeff Ondash breaks Guinness world record

Fastest theatrical production: Limelight company breaks Guinness world record

Most pillows stuffed into cases: IHG breaks Guinness world record (VIDEO)

Most party poppers popped: Alfie Deyes breaks Guinness world record (VIDEO)

Most sandcastles built in one hour: Adventure Wellington sets world record

Oldest family: Sardinian family sets world record

Most sandcastles built in one hour: Big Brothers Big Sisters sets world record

Longest Ferris Wheel ride: Christina Lochmiller breaks world record

Most banners in one parade: Loyal banners set world record (PICS)

Oldest graduate: Dr Allan Stewart sets world record

Most High-Fives in One Minute: Spike TV Host Katie Linendoll sets world record

Oldest Formerly Illiterate Author: James Arruda Henry sets world record (Video)

Baby Most Photographed with Celebrities: Tyler Sercombe sets world record (Video) 

Most Charitable Nation: USA sets world record (Video)

   Longest Hug: London sets world record (HD Video)

Oldest mattress: 77000 year-old bed sets world record

Most lit jack-o-lanterns displayed: Highwood sets world record (Video)

Largest number of beach umbrellas: Haeundae Beach (Video)

Fastest Typing on an iPad: Edward Saakashvili sets world record (Video)

   Oldest college graduate: Leo Plass (Video)

   Most potatoes launched in three minutes: Garrett Sweetland (Video)

   Most consecutive days a child has worn a tie: James Funaro

   Longest Crowd Surfing: DJ Giel Beelen (Video)

   Longest dance marathon: Steve Stevens (HD Video)   

   Most snow angels made simultaneously: Nova Scotia (Videos) 

   First Beatles Masters Degree: Mary Kennedy

    Longest Handshake: Team New Zealand and Team Nepal

    Longest Name: Barnaby Marmaduke

    Longest dance marathon: Kalamandalam Hemletha

    Listening To The Same Song: Emil Ilic

    Largest Operational Agricultural Plow: Manitoba Agricultural Museum    

    Longest Solo Handbell Marathon: Captain Ken Chapman

   Lowest limbo by a woman: Shemika Charles

   Largest Food Drive: "Fill the Bowl"

   Most 'high-fives' in an hour
- Hoffman Estates High School students

 Oldest dance school graduate - Frederick Salter  

   Most cars washed by a school 
- Bloomington High School South

   Most Ganesha Idols Hand Made in 24 Hours 
- Rama Shah

   Longest street party
- 'Still Life'

    Building the most sandcastles in one hour 
- Lewis Manning Hospiceworld
  Loudest vuvuzela blow by a crowd 
- Hoogezand-Sappemeer

  Wearing most underpants
- Jack Singer 

Most people receiving a chair massage in 24 hours
-Romano Sandee

   Largest Water Initiative 
- Dow Live Earth Run for Water

  Most plastic bottles collected - Florida students

   Most Volunteer Hours -
Donn Moss
   Oldest Sex Toy 
- German siltstone phallus

   Longest Hug - Faisal Mohyud-Din and Mohammed Azeem   

   Most Hugs Given in 24 Hours - Jeff Ondash    

   Most Expensive Bride - Deven Trabosh

  Longest time spent watching sports TV- Jeff Miller

  Biggest support for charity-Justin Timberlake

   Longest Freestyle Rap - M-Eighty

   Longest Consecutive Massage Treatments - Costa John

   Oldest couple to divorce - Bertie and Jessie Wood

   Longest time spent in hotels - David and Jean Davidson

   Highest Cabinet Meeting - Nepal cabinet

   Most sky lanterns flown simultaneously - Indonesia

    Fastest window cleaner - Terrry "Turbo" Burrows

   Most Ganesha Idols Made in 99 days - Rama Shah 

  Oldest college graduate - Chao Mu-he

   Longest career as a weather forecaster - Dave Devall

   Most married woman - Linda Wolfe

   Most kisses in one minute - DJ Paul Winstanley   

 Longest marriage for a living couple: Herbert and Zelmyra Fisher

   Longest speech - Lluis Colet  

   Most popular Inauguration - Barack Obama inauguration

   Largest Outdoor Tea Dance - Glasgow

   Largest calligraphy lesson - Taipei

    Most lambs sheared - Marg and Ingrid Baynes

   Largest Secret Santa exchange - Boots
   Most henna tattoos in an hour - Pavandeep Ahluwalia-Hundal

   Longest personal name - Captain Fantastic

    Most expensive presidential campaign - US Election
  Fastest pumpkin carver - Steven Clarke

   Longest movie-watching marathon - Suresh Joachim and Claudia Wavra

  Longest poker playing marathon - Dave Cain

    Most lighted candles on a cake - the disciples of Mr. Chinmoy

  Most wheat harvested in 8 hours - Farmeco

   Biggest fireworks show on the barge - Fireworks do Brasil

  Longest outdoor preach - Revd Eric Delve   

  Longest Ironing Marathon - Ben Walton

 Most saplings planted in one day - Assam villagers

 Biggest comedy audience - Mario Barth

 Longest game of Chinese Whispers - British kids

  Biggest family tree - Roy Blackmore

  Most Seats Sat in 48 Hours - Jim Purol

  Most bird calls imitated - Gautam Sapkota

  Most books donated - Rotary International

  Most movies watched - Ashish Sharma

  Youngest college professor - Alia Sabur

    Longest continuous play of a single FPS - The Frag Dolls

    Biggest individual supporter of schools - Husnu M. Ozyegin

  Longest distance pushing a car - Ashrita Furman

  Most Math questions answered - worldwide students

  Fastest cocktail mixing - Bobby Gleason

   Most kisses in the skies - SkyEurope

  Most ballon sculptures - John Cassidy

   Longest singing marathon - Mandd Sobhann

    Longest non-stop Elvis impersonation - Suresh Joachim

 Youngest Person Performing Carnatic Music on the Violin - Sandeep N Bharadwaj   
   Longest time spent inside an inflatable snowglobe - Ben Eckerson

   Fastest female shearer - Emily Welch     

     Fastest wethers shearers - Dave Grant and Laurie Batemen

     Most Pasta Sauces created - Chef Marco Ragnacci 

    Most hugs given - Jordan Pearce

    Longest Parade of Jaguar cars set world record

   Largest indoor flag - the Romanian flag displayed at Aarhus WC

    World record for opening - weekend box office

    World's Biggest Coin- a Million Dollar value


     Most Hugs Given in 24 Hours - Jeff Ondash


Most Expensive Bride - Deven Trabosh

Longest Consecutive Massage Treatments     


   Biggest comedy audience-Mario Barth

        Fastest pumpkin carver-Steven Clarke

 Longest speech-Lluis Colet

 Most tattoos done in 24 hours- Kat Von D