Register in ADVANCE  a world record attempt
(Obtain our permission to host a world record event)

    The four basic requirements* to have a new world record recognized are:
    1) the attempt is measurable
    2) it can be breached;
    3) it should be verifiable;
    4) it represent a real achievement, it's legal, moral and sets a good example for others.

   Do NOT use this form if you already have set a record; submit your new record on this page.

    Personal achievements like 'largest collection of..' or the' tallest dog owned' , 'longest legs' or similar can be submitted directly on the final registration page, click here.

   To register your new world record attempt with us, copy and paste the below text into your e-mail and fill in ALL the required info.
    You need a written confirmation from WRA to organize your record attempt.

    Copy the below text into your e-mail:



     A) All record attempts are taken with the risk of the person attempting the record. World Record Academy, in no circumstances will have any liability for any injury or damages caused.
    B) I declare under penalty of perjury that the foregoing is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief:

     1. World record's name:
     [use this form to register in advance record setting events ONLY!]

     2. Attempt date: month/day/year:
     DEADLINE: You have to submit the event well in advance to get the permission, our rules, instructions, etc.
    a) Personal records events must be registered at least 3 months in advance;
    b) all mass participation records must be registered 3-6 months in advance;

    c) round-the-world attempts must be registered
6-12 months in advance

       time: _______; end time:____

     3. where?_________
         street address:__________
         City, district (state), country:

     4. record's website (if any):
         Facebook page (if any):
     5. Links to articles (if any):

     6. Your Press Release about the record attempt          OR
        a detailed description of your record attempt, including the FULL program of the event and ALL the record(s) to be set;

    please COPY and paste the PR text into your e-mail or add your PDF file (only PDF files allowed! do NOT send attachments like Word, zip, etc)!
    No good description = NO answer from us!

    a) who will be the owner of this new record ?
    b) estimated number of participants (for mass participation related records)
    c) do you have any other records with us or GWR?
    d) Have you registered this record attempt with Guinness, too?  
    If you did, please mention the result & the code number of your attempt (if you get their approval) and the reason you are submitting this attempt to us, too.
    e) tell us more about the record breaker (experience needed for setting the record, organizing a similar event-for mass participation events, CV, etc);
    f) add a picture (or a video) with you training for this record attempt or another image/video related to this event (for listing in our official Events Calendar)
    g) WHO will verify your record attempt? (only legal metrology accepted, e.g.: surveyor, official timing)

   # IMPORTANT for mass participation or public events:
     a) did you notify the local authorities (Mayor's office, Sheriff's office, etc)?
    b) have you applied for a special permit from your local authorities (Fire Chief) - for events involving the use of open fire in cooking, etc) ?
    c) have you included on-site medical assistance for your mass participation event? (for events with more than 100 participants)

     7. Previous world record (record to be broken; link or details):
   [use our 'Search' page - and check our website FIRST]

     8. Your title: Mrs../Mr./Ms...;
     9. First name (legal name as in your ID):
   10. Last name:
   11. Date of Birth (day/month/year):
   12. Gender:

    13. your e-mail:
      if you don't receive our answer within 5 days, please check ALL your e-mail folders (bulk, spam, etc);
     # if you don't have our answer within 10 days, you can also contact us regarding your submission through our Facebook page (don't forget to include record's name); do NOT re-send your registration! if you do, your application will be rejected!
    b) secondary (backup) e-mail:
d) are you using at least 70% of total expenses on program activities? Yes/No (add link or mention the Annual Report's page confirming this)    

   14. Organization, if any (for Business use):
          Company's webste:

   15. Position in organization:
     (for corporate events only a member of the management can register an attempt)
   16. City/ village (specify):
         State / District:
   17. Daytime Phone:
   18. Evening Phone (for media inquiries)
   19. For PERSONAL record attempts: copy of your ID (attach a PDF or JPEG scan):

    20. For charity-related events:
    If you want to set a record on behalf of a charity or to raise funds for a charity, please specify if it has a legal recognition
     a) link to your latest Annual Report (link or PDF)
     b) are you using at least 70% of total expenses on program activities? Yes/No (add link or mention the Annual Report's page confirming this)    
     c) Charity registration number:

   21. Type in your initials here: _ _ _

   22. SEND your record application to:
   recordevent2017 @
   (remove spaces before and after '@')
   23. You can also send us a message on our Facebook page with the record's title and date of your event (if you don't hear from us within 3 days of your submission).

    On the 'Subject' line of your e-mail you must mention:  record's name / place: City, State /country / date; if you don't include this information, your e-mail may be considered "junk" by our system!

   You need to be at least 18 years old to submit this application; if you aren't, please ask your parent or legal guardian to submit the form for you.

   Do NOT send any e-mail text attachments, just copy the answers into your e-mail as plain text.

   In most cases, you will receive our answer within 5 working days - but only if you provided all the requested details about your attempt. If you don't provide ALL the requested information, you will NOT receive ANY answer from us!

    AFTER you have set the record, you can use this form:      
   World record registration form, click here   

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