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    The World Record Academy is the leading international organization which certify world records, based on:
   - UNLIMITED world record categories
   - world's largest detailed (text + photos + videos) online database of world records: over 3,325 records- as of December 15, 2014;
   - largest off-line world records database: over 250,000 records on our files and library;
   - largest world record holders database
      (see sample here and here )
   - largest adjudicators team available: world wide coverage for our verification & certification services; this service is available through any local State authority (Mayor, Sheriff, Post Office Chief Executive, Captain, etc);
   - largest availability of our world records through: Google News, Google search, Yahoo, Bing, RSS, etc.
   World Record Academy spans the globe to find the widest selection of authentic World Records around the World. Each new world record is carefully verified by top specialists.   

  World Record Academy is a member of Google News Network. The service covers news articles appearing each day on the news section of our website. Google News bring readers the top headlines of the minute. Google News has been integrated with Google Search History, also-which means that our published records are available on searches whithin hours after their publication!
     As a free news source, Google is being used on a daily basis by tens of thousands media organizations, websites, blogs and newspapers.
    Google's updated news search is an exceptionally powerful tool for web users. Google News offers quick headline updates, the ability to search current news, and browse categories that enable quick and easy access to the news that matters most to individual users.   

 World Record Academy's website is owned by World Record Academy LLC, USA.

   Some of the unique benefits
           of having a record recognized
          by the World Record Academy

    - fast verification & certification service: 90% of the new world records applications are verified within 3 days only!

   - you record is listed on our site on a permanent, REAL web page with large (300k) photos and videos... and NOT a temporary Blog-type, amateur-alike page, or just a 1-paragraph in a database, (like on other similar site)!

  - even if your record it's broken, it still remain there for the next 10 years (if you registered with us in advance and obtained our certification)!

   - your own record page on our site will also contain:      
  # large size photo(s) - see sample;
  # up to 12 photos (2 standrad + 10 optional) -see sample;
  # embedded video(s) -up to 3 videos!;
  # link to your Blog/site;
  # link to the charity you supported during your attempt; mention about your sponsor(s) and link to their sites!

  - mass participations records: we list ALL the participants on your page; we list directly all the names for up to 300 participants and we link to larger lists; see sample here and here; we are the only organization which (bother to) do this!

   - all new world records are listed in our News page;

   - all new records are published within hours on Google News, making your record known worldwide, especially to the media!

    - within 24 hours, your record will be available on Google Search engine, making it available on a Global audience! (see sample);

- we also submit directly all our new records to Bing, Yahoo and many other smaller search engines;

 - all new records are also listed in our RSS News feed;
our RSS feed is being used by individuals but also for inclusion in Blogs, Search engines, media new research, Iphone Apps, etc;

- in less than 10 days you can get your world record certificate, which can contain a mention about your sponsors or you can mention those who helped you;

   - your place in our Book of Records and/or our e-books, Apps is secured! (unlike others, we don't "select" a very limited number of records for inclusion in our publications); if you set a record with us, you will be listed at least in one publication!


    AFTER you set the record, use this form:      
   World record registration form, click here

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Dear Sir,
   I write to you on behalf of Mrs. Asha Bhosle, who has been included in your records as the most recorded artist in the world. She turns 76 on 8th September 2009 and it could not have been a more fitting gift. As her son and manager, I would like to order a certificate for her. Please let me know the details.
   Thanks, Anand.
 [ Most Recorded Artist-Asha Bhonsle ]

   It is so nice that yours is a very ethical approach towards the record applicants, who many a times do something unusual, extra-ordinary and difficult without any motive of financial gains.
   With Best Wishes,
   Mrs. Rama Satish Shah
 [Most Ganesha Idols Made in 99 days-Rama Shah]

   Thanks very much for recognizing our record!
   Nice to see that Guinness aren't the only game in town anymore!    Best of luck with growing WRA!
  [Longest rickshaw ride-Simon Etkind and Lianna Hulbert]

   That's GREAT!!!! (listing the record)
   Thanks for all of your help!
   Kori Cunningham    
[Longest Marathon Billiards Match-Rikki Cunningham]

   Dear Sirs,
   Thank you for listing our world record on your site.
   I am very happy to see it there, and I think your site looks great.
   Many thanks for your help.
   All the best
   Damian Cardozo
   Managing Director, Haxnickx Ltd.
[Longest solar-powered flight by paramotor]

   Thank you very much for speedy upload of our record on your website!
   with regards,
   Paresh Mathur

   Dy. General Manager - Business Development Stone India Limited
[High reach pantograph-Stone India]

   Thanks for prompt reply and clarification!
   You are an excellent person. God will give you success and lots of happiness. Best regards/ Kashi Samaddar
  [Most countries visited-Kashi Samaddar]

    The site looks great! Thank you!
    Lucila Arango (Evan's mother)
[Youngest solo pilot to fly five different aircrafts]

   Thanks for including us on your website!
   I've included some photos of the finish, do let me know if you use them in your book. I'm also interested in a certificate.
   Many thanks!
   Lianna Hulbert
  [Longest rickshaw ride ]

  I have received the world record certificate and the Medal; we all are we all are thankfully to you! Thanks for your support to the kid and for yours motivation. Many thanks from our entire family!
   Thank You!
   Ajit D Kokane , Rohane's Father
 [Longest blindfold limbo skating ]

   Please accept my sincere heartfelt thanks and appreciation for listing my record. I take no personal gratification from this as I stated earlier in one of my emails, just great pleasure from the fact that I am somehow helping to keep Elvis's name alive.
   Thanks again.
    Carmel J. Delia (DeeJay CJ)
[Longest Elvis Presley Song-Playing Marathon]

   Thank you for your acceptance of my entry. I'm trying to order the record certificate now.
   Thank you again.
   Revoli Cortez
[ Largest Photo Mosaic ]

   Just for the record...I'd like to send you a big thank-you. :)
   Warm regards,
   Susan Pascale
 [Youngest String Orchestra to Play at Carnegie Hall]

   We are really nice surprised by your report about our record on your website. We would like to thank you very for our link on your website.
    Best regards. Stepánka Havrlíková
  [Largest Cappuccino-Prague]

 We are very excited that we are now official and have received the certificate. I need to get you some photos. Thanks for your help.
   Robbie Bettis
[Most Scarecrows in one location- Hoschton]

  I recieved certificate's- really pleased. Ihave gave one to star radio and will send you a new photo of Jack and his certificate asap.
   Best wishes,
   Bob Hill, Jack's Dad
[Youngest male radio presenter]

  You are really very prompt and nice. Seeking your kind & continuous supports
   Best regards,
   Kashi Samaddar  
[Most countries visited]

  Thanks for publishing Jack's record!... that's great and really fast!
  It's great to be getting on with you again and I look forward to keep a good relationship with your organization...
   Thanks again for your help and best wishes,
   Bob Hill, Jack's Dad
[Youngest male radio presenter]

  Thanks again,
  I must say you have great customer service, you are so quick to reply.
  That was a lot of money (the certificate) but I believe well worth it..
  Thanks again,
  Vicky and Kaitlyn Conner.
[Longest Backwards Limbo Skating]

  Each time I receive a communications from you I am more impressed. The info you are sending to the Media just adds to my enthusiasm and gratitude. Communication with you is 100 percent easier than GWR. Thank you so much.
  Please tell me how to obtain the certificates from your organization for the Hoschton Fall Festival Committee and the world record of the Most Scarecrows in One Location.
   Robbie Bettis
  [Most Scarecrows in one location]

   Thank you very much for your support.
   I am very much pleased to see my sand sculpture of santa claus in your website. I convay my thanks for the presentation.
    Thank you very much for giving me your seal to use. Today I have also told the media here about record.
   Sudarsan Pattnaik
[Tallest sand sculpture of Santa Claus]

   Thank you for your help in answering our questions & concerns.    Sincerely, Deonda Smith
  [ Fastest street legal car-world record set by G-Force]

   Thank you very much for all your help and this is to advise you that the framed Certificate and 9 copies arrived safely today. It looks very good and I am sure will be prominently displayed in the Club's Trophy cabinet! ... May I compliment you on the page you have prepared. It will look very good!
   Kind regards,
   John Wrapson
   [ Youngest relay team to swim the English Channel ]

   Thank you for recognizing our product as a world record!
   Hope you like the post on my Blog:
   "It is truly an honor to receive the accolades of the World Record Academy, seekers of the most accomplished, most outlandish, and in our case most durable in the entire world. "
   Bob Plaschke (CEO and President of Sonim Technologies)
 [Most durable phone]
   I received today my certificate, thank you a lot!
   Best regards
   Cristina Tiberio ( CEO Fireworks do Brasil)
   [Biggest fireworks show on the barge]

   I am happy for you to publish my record in your book as it sounds like you take a lot of pride in your work.
   If the full page offer is still avaliable I would like to take you up on that. I work for the biggest media company in NZ and Australia, we have a lot of radio stations in NZ and today a listener forwarded a link to me which had my record on your website. Good Work!!!
   Mike Heard
   [Most bungee jumps in 24 hours

   Thank you for publishing her record;
   Kaitlyn will be thrilled! :)    Thank you for all your hard work. I have received a few e-mails stating I missed out on a media call. However, I am available day or night for any calls at 8(...) My e-mail was giving me the trouble the other day, but I am interested in getting her the recognition she deserves.    
   Thanks a million!!!!!!!!!
   Victtoria Conner (Kaitlyn's Mom)

   [Longest Backwards Limbo Skating]

   Thanks so much. That's the best news ever! Thank you so much!
   You have a great system! You are very on top of things!
   ...By the way, I am extremely impressed at the customer service you guys have. You are on point with emails! I never had responses so fast in my life! Keep up the great work!!!
   Justin De Bree

   [Longest Stand Up Paddle board journey]

   ...yes, our world record Certificates arrived;
   beautiful frame by the way...
   Cmdte. Ronnie Nader (Jules Nader's Father)

   Space Operations Division, director
   [ Youngest passenger on wheightless flight]

    Many many thanks ,
    I have received the world record certificate, it is amazing!

    Dr. Sudershan Chugh
   [Most successful piles surgeries]

   The framed World Record Certificates (2) and the 7 copies were received on Monday, April 28. They look great!! You did a good job and we sincerely do appreciate all you and your organization/staff have done for us folks in Marion, Michigan!
   Thank You!
   George Johnson,
   Coordinator-Marion Old Fashioned Days
   Marion Chamber of Commerce
   Marion, Michigan

   [Most tractors in a parade]

   Thanks for publishing my record!
    Dr. Sudershan Chugh
    [Most successful piles surgeries]

  We are delighted that you have recognised our efforts and we would certainly like to request a world record Certificate and Trophy for our world record.
   Best Regards,

   Gary Pemberton /Head of Mathematics
  [Longest Pi Chain]

     We are very happy that we have received the certificate and it is very good to see and feel that your academy is a part ad parcel of our success.
     We would like to inform you that, we had already decided of receiving the medals and the certificate from our President Smt Pratibha Patil. We have already spoken with the Hon'ble President of India Pratibha Patil.
     Yours truly
[ Longest Limbo Skating]

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