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  Fastest pumpkin carver--world record set by Steven Clarke
 ATLANTIC CITY, NJ, USA -- Steven Clarke, Havertown, Pa., carved one ton of pumpkins in 3:33:49 -setting the world record for the Fastest pumpkin carver.
   Photo: Clarke had to carve a complete face in each pumpkin - eyes, ears, nose, mouth and eyebrows - and then put the lid back on for a pumpkin to be counted. / Feature Photo Service
  (enlarge photo)

 Steven Clarke also set the world record for the shortest time to carve 100 pumpkins: 3:44:50.

There are strict rules in order for the pumpkin record to be official. Each pumpkin must weigh a minimum of 18 pounds and be cleaned and gutted prior to the record attempt. Then, two independent witnesses with no relation to Clarke must verify the individual pumpkin weights.  

  "I can't really train for it" Clarke said. "For this, I just have to make sure to keep my arms stretched out. I get some pregame jitters."

  Steven Clarke : "Back in 1999 I was invited by Vice President Gore to carve pumpkins for his Halloween Party. I carved more than 30 pumpkins for the Gores, including the Mona Lisa, The Iwo Jima Memorial, the White House, American Gothic, Detail from the Sistine Chapel, Portraits of the Gores, and many more."

  Clarke previously set the records for fastest time to carve a single pumpkin (24.03 seconds) and the most pumpkins carved in one hour (42).


   Thursday, October 30, 2008

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