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   Biggest fireworks show on the barge-Fireworks do Brasil sets world record
 RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil --   Fireworks do Brasil launched 21.600,00 pyrotechnics devices from 100mm. to 400 mm.( 40 pieces), with a total weight of 23.500,00 kg, which lighted the whole Copacabana beach (3600,00 meters) from 8 big oceanic barges-setting the world record for the Biggest fireworks show on the barge.

  Panoramic photo by Willy Kaemena:
Two million people were on famous Copacabana beach for the Reveillon 2008, witnessing a fireworks display that lasted 22 minutes during the Biggest New Year Party. / (enlarge photo)

 -click to see full panoramic view

   The party was sponsored for Rio de Janeiro City and Fireworks do Brasil has won the tender to display the show.  

    (enlarge photo)

   (enlarge photo)

   (enlarge photo)

   (enlarge photo)

Masses of people turned out despite nighttime temperatures up to 35 degrees, dancing on the sand before stages and filling promenades that had been blocked to traffic.

   City leaders call Rio's celebration, which cost 10 million reals ($5,7-million), "the biggest party in the world", but millions of Brazilians also celebrate in their country's financial capital, Sao Paulo, where more than 2 million congregated alone at the music shows on the Avenida Paulista.  

"Many people are not coming just because there is a lack of sufficient flights from Europe and the United States to Rio; otherwise, they would come," Rio de Janeiro's Secretary of Tourism Rubem Medina said.

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Biggest New Year Party-world record set by Rio de Janeiro

   Tuesday, August 26, 2008


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