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  Monday, January 4, 2010

 Biggest support for charity-Justin Timberlake sets world record

 NEW YORK, USA --According to a survey, conducted for the website The Daily Beast, Justin Timberlake's s estimated worth to his chosen cause, Shriners Hospital for Children, reaped $9,262,381 for 2009 -which sets the world record for the Biggest support for charity.

   Photo: Singer Justin Timberlake gets ready for his attempt to win a USD one million charitable donation to Shriners Hospitals for Children by hitting a hole-in-one on a 180-yard, par 3 hole at the Callaway Golf Center October 12, 2009 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Despite not getting a hole-in-one on his three attempts, Callaway Golf still donated USD 5,000 to the charity. Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images (enlarge photo)    

   Next came Queen of Pop Madonna, who made an impact of $5,540,068 for her co-founded charity, Raising Malawi.

   Established in 2006, the foundation aims to alleviate the suffering of two million Malawian orphans by giving nutrition, education, health care, and clothing assistance. Two lucky kids---namely Mercy and David---got their suffering alleviated more than the others, thanks to Madonna who adopted them.

   Pamela Anderson used her voluptuous curves for a good cause, posing for various advertisements of the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). Her charitable efforts produced an annual impact of $4,840,168.

   Sitting in fourth place is the Queen of All Media, Oprah Winfrey, who, for her founded Angel Network, generated $3,973,870. Since its inception in 1997 by the talk show host herself, the foundation has generated $80 million public donations, which went to scholarship grants and satisfaction of basic needs of underprivileged individuals and communities, particularly living in developing countries.

    Closing the top five is U2 front man Bono, who, for the ONE Foundation, collected a total sum of $3,598,313 for its “anti-poverty, anti-aids charity” endeavors for Africa. The three-time Nobel Peace Prize-nominated Irish musician has committed himself since the late 80s to improve the lives of Africans, even spearheading benefit shows such as Live 8.

    Those who are looking for Angelina Jolie will find her in the sixth spot, with $3,015,070 for the United Nations Commission for Refugees, where she is an ambassador. Out of all the celebrities listed, she has made the biggest television publicity, $1,434,570 to be exact.

   In last place was Paris Hilton - £334 for Starlight Children's Foundation.

The survey, conducted for the website The Daily Beast, estimated 50 stars’ publicity value by calculating the number of times the celebrity and their cause were mentioned together in the US media.

   Many celebrities were linked to more than one charity but the poll only looked at one. And some causes did especially well with more than one celebrity sponsor.

   Looking at the 50 biggest celebrities allied with a nonprofit, either as a member of its board or advisory committee, an ambassador, or the face of a campaign,

   The Daily Beast tallied how much awareness they produced for their favored nonprofit in print, television, and online, and also calculated any personal donations to the charity, since cash is the most direct impact of all.

   Using VMS and BurellesLuce, media-monitoring firms, along with Lexis-Nexis and Google search results, The Daily Beast compiled and attributed value to media mentions.

   The Top Ten:
   #1, Justin Timberlake, Annual Impact: $9,262,381
   #2, Madonna, Annual Impact: $5,540,068
   #3, Pamela Anderson, Annual Impact: $4,840,168
   #4, Oprah Winfrey, Annual Impact: $3,973,870
   #5, Bono, Annual Impact: $3,598,313
   #6, Angelina Jolie, Annual Impact: $3,015,070
   #7, Rihanna, Annual Impact: $2,305,743
   #8, George Clooney, Annual Impact: $2,184,500
   #9, Salma Hayek, Annual Impact: $1,620,959
   #10, Shakira, Annual Impact: $1,284,431

   At the Bottom:
   #50, Paris Hilton, Annual Impact: $538
   #49, Robert De Niro, Annual Impact: $7,527
   #48, Hilary Duff, Annual Impact: $16,800
   #47, Celine Dion, Annual Impact: $30,366
   #46, Jerry Seinfeld, Annual Impact: $60,036

   Celebrities like Justin Timberlake, Madonna, and Angelina Jolie deliver millions of dollars of value each year to their pet causes. Other big names like Paris Hilton, though, barely make enough of a dent to justify sending a limo over. The bottom line: A famous face isn't enough--true impact requires a commitment.
   However, do be aware, this is a list of the value of stars lending their name to a charity, not their donations to a charity.

   There are other ways of counting celebrity and charitable fund raising. Elton Johnm, for example, has for years been donating all the money from sales of his singles to charity.
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Monday, January 4, 2010

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