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   Largest indoor flag-the Romanian flag displayed at Aarhus WC

[June 26] BUCHAREST, Romania-- The largest indoor flag in the world is the 6x9 m (19.68 x 29.52 ft) Romanian flag, displayed by the Romanian fans at the World Gymnastics Championships in Aarhus, Denmark, last October.

  The giant flag was (proudly) displayed by the Romanian gymnastics fans.

(click here to enlarge photo)

   The largest indoor flag displayed has captured the attention of the gymnastics fans attending the World Championships. "It was an alien size flag" -wrote Doina, a gymnastics fan, on her blog.
   " It was clear to me that Romanians are the proudest gymnastics fans on Earth-evident in part from the giant flag" wrote on his website Andrew Kerr from Atlanta. Georgia , who traveled to Aarhus to see the competition. In a more humorous note, he added this caption to his own giant flag's photo: "The shocking final team standings...and the beginning of a new Cold War in gymnastics."

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   Largest indoor flag-the Romanian flag displayed at Aarhus WC