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   Most tattoos given in 24h-world record set by Robbie The Coon

[April 2] WEST POINT, MS, USA--Robbie "Coon" Koch, owner of Coon Tattoos in West Point, broke the World record Saturday afternoon for the most tattoos given by one person in 24 hours, by inking hundreds of people and 577 tattoos.

   The atmosphere was alive with the supportive people. Families came out with their children to watch the bands play, eat good food and be a witness to the news breaking record happening before their eyes.

   Mike Sullivan, a member on Robbie Koch's public relations team, said people came from Tennessee, Alabama, Louisiana, Florida and all over Mississippi.

   Sullivan said the previous record holder, Kat Von D from popular television show from L.A. Ink, sent Koch an e-mail wishing him good luck. "Records are meant to be broken," Sullivan said.

   The bands began at 6 p.m., which provided entertainment to the hundreds of onlookers waiting to get tattoos or just hanging out. Stadium seats were set up so people could sit and eat food from 2 Brothers BBQ.

  All proceeds from the event went to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. The foundation will receive a check for $15,602 in the upcoming weeks. Robbie Koch already had donations totaling $3,000 before he began raising money from each of the $20 tattoos.

  Sullivan said Koch plans on making this an annual event. Next year, Robbie Koch wants to team up with some of the best tattoo artists in the South.

   Sullivan said many don't approve of tattoos and they should not judge a book by its cover. "We have several tattooed people here that people normally look down on and here we are raising tons of money for the kids," Sullivan said.

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  Most tattoos in 24 hours-world record set by Kat Von D

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