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   Fastest race around the 'World'-world record set by Rohan Veal

[Nov 2]DUBAI, UAE--Australian International Moth star Rohan Veal set a new 'Round the World record' at 1 hr 29 mins and 37 seconds. Previous record was held by a VX40 catamaran at 1 hr 42 mins.
    Rohan Veal:"I was keen to have a crack at it, so we rigged and launched Glenn's new boat at 3pm and Chris (another new Bladerider owner) escorted me around in a RIB.
   The course is 20NM and in about 15 knots, I was guessing that I could do it in 90 minutes. I had one swim around the back after losing concentration for a split second whilst having a glance at a palace recently built on there, but still managed to come home in 1 hr 29 mins and 37 seconds, making a new 'around the world' record."

   Someone in Dubai thought it might be a good idea to make sand islands off shore to resemble a map of the world and then sell each of the countries off to those that had enough money to buy a country.

   And so of course the yachties in Dubai , thought 'aaaaah' lets race 'around the world' and set sailing records. Its now known locally as the 'Jo Verne Trophy' (named after the guy invented it), not to be confused with the 'Jules Verne Trophy' which is the award offered to the fastest lap of the planet (not the world).

    "I am sure that time will be beaten one day soon, but now there is talk about having a regatta here in late March next year with one day dedicated to as many attempts as possible around the world with prize money for the fastest time and a bonus for anyone that can sail around the world in 80 minutes."- Rohan Veal



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