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    Friday, November 29, 2013

 Most Successful Young Alpinist: Crina Coco Popescu sets world record (VIDEO)

RASNOV, Romania -- Romanian alpinist Crina "Coco" Popescu from Rasnov, Brasov county, Romania, was only 16 years old when she completed Seven Volcanoes circuit by climbing Mount Sidley – 4285 m – the highest volcano in Antarctica; "the Carpathians Deer" is also the youngest alpinist in the world who escalated six other peaks in the world – setting the record for the World's Most Successful Young Alpinist
, according to the World Record Academy: Coco Popescu the World's Most Successful Young Alpinist

  Photo: Romanian alpnist Crina 'Coco' Popescu, the World's Most Successful Young Alpinist.
(enlarge photo)

 The Guinness World Records' record for the youngest alpine skiier to win an Olympic gold was set by Kjetil Andre Aamodt (Norway, b. 2 September 1971), who won the first of his four career Olympic golds in Albertville, France, on 16 February 1992, aged 20 years 167 days.

  Guinness World Records also recognized the world record for the oldest alpine skiier to win an Olympic gold; it was set by Kjetil André Aamodt (Norway, b. 2 September 1971), who won his fourth career Olympic gold in Turin, Italy, on 18 February 2006, aged 34 years 169 days.

  After successfully finalizing the expedition "Antarctica 2010-2011", Crina "Coco" Popescu became the first alpinist in the world who climbed the 7 highest peaks on the 7 continents: - Elbrus – Europe, Kilimanjaro – Africa, Damavand – Asia, Giluwe – Oceania, Ojos del Salado – South America, Pico de Orizaba – North America, Sidley – Antarctica.

  The 16 years old Romanian alpinist, representative of Romanian Alpinism and Escalade Federation, Crina "Coco" Popescu is also the first alpinist in the world who climbed Mount Sidley in Antarctica (with Alex Abramov, Mario Trimeri and Scott Woolams).

  Crina "Coco" Popescu (official name is Crina Imola Popescu) was born in Rasnov, a small town near Brasov, Romania and she has been climbing mountains since she was 6; she is a member of "Altitude Mountain Sports Club" affiliated to "Romanian Alpinism and Escalade Federation".

  The young alpinist's record is impressive since the debut: she climbed the Alps when she was 11, Dente del Giante, up to 4000 meters. Olimp, Ararat and Mont Blanc were next; when she was 12 she climbed Kalapatar, in Nepal; when she was 13 she was climbing Kazbek in the Caucasians, Damavand and Alam Kuh in Iran.

  At the end of 2008 she climbed Ojos de Salado in Atacama, the highest volcano in the world; in January 2009 she climbed Aconcagua – South America's giant. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania and Elbrus in the Caucasians were next.

  In January 2010 there was an expedition in Oceania, where she climbed Kosciuszko, Giluwe and Carstensz Pyramid, and in the summer of 2010 she escalated Pico de Orizaba and McKinley in North America.

  At 16 years old, Coco Popescu already had six age records in alpinism, joined by the ones beat in Antarctica, and a title of Sport Master. She is a Nadia Comaneci of world alpinism!

   Crina "Coco" Popescu will receive the Medal of Honor awarded by WRA only to the ones achieving exceptional world records in sport; only 10 such medals are awarded annually.

  Crina Coco Popescu is the initiator and promoter of "7 Mountains in Carpathian Garden Circuit" aiming at reaching the highest peaks in Bucegi, Fagaras, Retezat, Metaliferi, Rodnei, Ceahlau and Piatra Craiului Mountains (Romania) in summer and winter climbing.

  Crina Coco Popescu is now a student in the 12th grade and she is preparing for the baccalaureate examination.


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