Smallest world records

     Smallest folded stroller: GoodBaby breaks Guinness World Records record (VIDEO)

Smallest washing machine: Ashley Newland breaks Guinness World Records' record (VIDEO)

Smallest library: Canadian library sets world record despite Guinness' rejection (VIDEO)

Smallest cinema: Reginald Harding breaks Guinness world record (VIDEO)

Smallest book reproduction: SFU lab breaks Guinness world record (VIDEO)

Smallest printed book: Japan breaks Guinness world record

Smallest aquarium: Anatoly Konenko sets world record (HD Video)

Smallest ad: Gillette set world record (Video)

   Smallest Apartment: Tiny Manhattan Apartment (Video)

   Smallest Christmas card: University of Glasgow set world record

   Smallest Piaggio Ape Cross Model: Andrew Andrighetti

   Smallest 'snowman': National Physics Laboratory

   Smallest violin: Chen Lianzhi

  Smallest Tattoo of a painting: Wingnut

  Smallest cinema: Market Cinema

   Smallest car: Perry Watkins

   Largest collection of handmade aeroplanes: John Kalusa

  Smallest Museum: Edgar's Closet Museum

  Smallest snake: Leptotyphlops carlae

  Smallest Helicopter: GEN H-4

  Lightest mobile phone: Modu mini phone

   Smallest living dog: Boo Boo

   Smallest steam engine: Iqbal Ahmed

    Smallest living dog by height

    Smallest waist: Cathie Jung

   Driving a car through the smallest gap: Dave Ackland

    The world’s smallest published book

  Smallest 'snowman'-National Physics Laboratory

Smallest Museum-Edgar's Closet Museum

        Smallest car-Perry Watkins

             Smallest Helicopter-GEN H-4

         Smallest humanoid robot-the BeRobot