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  Smallest humanoid robot-world record set by the BeRobot
 LUZHU SHIANG, Taiwan -- At 153 mm (6 in), the BeRobot produced by robotics designer GeStream Technologies, is able to walk, kick and perform push-ups-setting the world record for the Smallest humanoid robot.

   Photo:The BeRobot features infrared remote control, two-hour battery operation, built-in speaker, and robust, updateable software. BeRobot is easily reconfigured into various animal forms such as dog, snake, etc. (enlarge photo)

The BeRobot is not just the smallest, but the lightest biped robot and is priced below the competition. At 15cm, the BeRobot offers a wide range of functionality, controllability, customization and programmability.

  The robot's creator GeStream says it will be used mainly for education, but can also be used for entertainment and security.  

   Plug-in interoperability includes:
   voice control
   image sensor
   ultrasonic sensor
   Bluetooth control
   Zigbee control
   2G/3G mobile phone control

   Taiwan will display the world's smallest commercial robot the BeRobot during the Taipei International Robotics Exhibition that opens Thursday.

  The government says the robot industry will be a future star industry for Taiwan.

  1. Education: It's a wonderful robot toolkit, including a learning CD, which can teach you how to make your real dream robot. It will teach you the concept of robot maths, robot mechanism, robot electronic, robot automatic control, from basic to advance. and teach you how to program the robot, including Basic learning mode: it's most easy way to build robot motion.

   2. Entertainment: It's easy to play the robot by remote control or voice control, the robot can perform more than 65536 kinds of gestures with 6 different speeds and 1.21439531096594251776e+36 of detail moves with 6 speeds selection. for example: take a walk, play football, dance,...

   3. Easy to re-assemble as different types, including human type, dog type, snake type, ...a learning CD will teach you how to do it, and teach you how to make and dress your dream robot in any style. 
The smallest robot shows up in NSTM
 Thursday, August 21, 2008

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