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 Highest popping toaster-world record set by Freddie Yauner

[June 25] LONDON, UK--Freddie Yauner, 26, sent his toast 2.6 metres (8.5ft) into the air at the Royal College of Art graduate show setting the new world record for the highest popping toaster.
  Photo:A piece of toast popped from the toaster by Mr Yauner reached a height of 2.6metres (8.5ft). The Highest Popping Toaster in the World, or "The Moaster", took 3 months to build and utilizes a high-pressure CO2 gas system and mechanical ram. (enlarge photo)

   26-year-old Freddie Yauner, from Stoke Newington in London, is graduating from the Royal College of Art course in Design Products.

  Freddie Yauner said: "All my works are satirical pieces that have a serious side."We constantly conjure up too many objects that do far more than they need to do, with extra features year-on-year. "The popping element of a toaster is totally unnecessary."

  His pimped-out device - a sleak beast powered by high-pressure CO2 and a mechanical ram, which he has dubbed 'The Moaster' - managed to propel the toast an impressive, record-setting 2m 60cm into the air in an indoor test.

  The final mechanism was made by John Findlay at The whole thing is powered by a microchip which times the filament and then sends a 24v charge to a solenoid, which releases the gas into the ram, which pushes the pivoting arm upwards very very quickly...then you have flying toast.
  The Moaster isn't his only venture into the world of overpowered design - his satirical 'Because We Can' series of uselessly extreme products also features 'the longest lipstick in the world'* (a years supply) and 'the fastest clock in the world'* (Digital time to a millionth of a second), both of which are about as useful as a toaster that flings your pop tarts against the opposite wall every morning.
  * these (the clock and the lipstick) are NOT the official world records

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Highest popping toaster- Freddie Yauner

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