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  Thursday, August 6, 2009

  Smallest cinema-world record set by the Market Cinema
 COVENTRY, UK  -- Measuring just 3m by 2m, the Market Cinema seats just four people, has a 122cm by 213 cm screen (and is one hundredth the size of an average 100-seater cinema)- setting the NEW world record for the Smallest cinema.

  The Market Cinema in Coventry - once a derelict indoor stall in the city's market - officially opens for its first showing at 10.00am on Friday the 14th August with free candy floss and pop-corn for the opening performances. (enlarge photo)

   Featuring films about the stall holders and customers, the world's smallest cinema it is the brainchild of market manager Brian Sexton.

  Brian, who also manages Coventry Market, said: "The stall was empty for years and I had an idea of turning it into a miniature cinema."

   The short films will be free to view on the 84-inch screen and shown on a two-hour loop until Christmas.

    They include Coventry Market – The Musical, made by BBC Coventry and Warwickshire earlier this year, and Around Market People, a documentary commissioned by the market in 1999. Also showing are unseen short films I Could Have Been a Factory Worker and Nights Around 50, which have been made by local filmmakers.

Market Manager Brian Sexton had this to say about this cinematic marvel. "We have commissioned films about the market in the last thirteen years, one for 40th birthday and the, the famous Coventry Market the Musical, for the 50th birthday celebrations. Many people have never had a chance to watch them, so how do you get people to watch them, you put them in a cinema, and so we have built our very own Market Cinema for that purpose. It's a two seater but we can bring in a couple more seats if it gets busy" he joked.   

    Brian continued, "We are hoping that people will pop in for ten minutes, here and there during their shopping trips, maybe buy an ice cream from the stall next door and enjoy our films. It's a two hour loop, so the chances of seeing repeated footage is not very likely, but it gives people a chance to see the story and social history that has been made about the market".

 "The market is about the community it serves and how will we remember that unless someone bothers to capture it. That is the key to what we have done with the cinema and by letting people see the stories.”

   If the world's smallest cinema is successful Mr Sexton is hoping to work with students at local colleges and other young filmmakers to show their creations on the screen.

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Thursday, August 6, 2009

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