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   Music, Dance & Ballet

Most Languages Sung during one Concert: world record set by Suchetha Satish (VIDEO)

Longest playable stringed musical instrument: CapitaLand Singapore breaks Guinness World Records record

Largest orchestra: Australia breaks Guinness World Records' record (VIDEO)

Longest drum roll: Jayson Brinklet breaks Guinness World Records record

Largest orchestra: Germany broke Guinness World Records record (VIDEO)

Most valuable guitar: Aaron Shum breaks Guinness World Records world record

Largest gospel choir: London Community Gospel Choir broke Guinness world record (VIDEO)

Longest Relay Marathon Drumming by a Team: ACM breaks Guinness world record (VIDEO)

Longest drumming session: Andrew W.K. breaks Guinness world record (VIDEO)

Largest Keyboard Ensemble: New York festival breaks Guinness world record

Most consecutive pirouettes: Sophia Lucia smash Guinness world record (VIDEO)
     Best Selling Latin Artist: Julio Iglesias breaks Guinness world record (VIDEO)

     Fastest violinist: Ben Lee breaks Guinness world record (VIDEO)

   Largest lute ensemble: China breaks Guinness World Records record

     Longest marathon playing accordion: Zoran Zorko breaks world record (VIDEO)
     Largest ukulele ensemble: Japan Ukulele Ensemble sets world record

     Largest lute ensemble: China sets world record

     Largest mandolin ensemble: Va. Music Gathering sets world record (VIDEO)

    Most National Anthems performed: Alan St. Louis sets world record (VIDEO)

    Highest Concert: Oz Bayldon breaks world record (PICS & VIDEOS)

    Largest bagpipe orchestra: Bulgarian pipers set world record (PICS & VIDEOS)

    Longest trumpet fanfare line: British soldiers set world record (Video)

   Longest Guitar Solo: David DiDonato sets world record (Video)

    Longest drumming marathon: Steve Gaul (HD Video)

   Longest church organ marathon: Jacqueline Sadler

   Deepest a cappella performance: Sudbury choir

   Fastest Violin Player: Rock Violinist Ben Lee

   Largest Guitar Ensemble: Jimi Hendrix Festival sets world record (PICS & Videos)

Largest violin ensemble: Taiwan students set world record (Video)

   Longest street concert - Berlin buskers

  Slowest Techno Track - Scaramanga Silk

  Fastest guitarist - Randall Padilla

  Largest String Ensemble - String Jam '10

  Longest Concert by a Solo Artist - Alex Carlin

   Longest piano concert - Romuald Koperski

   Longest Pop Song - Apparente LibertÓ by Giancarlo Ferrari

  Longest concert by children artists - Stars Club

   Youngest String Orchestra to Play at Carnegie Hall - South Pasadena Children's Orchestra

   Longest Love Poem - the "Evening Star"

   Longest guitar marathon - Andy Hoke 

   Longest Drumming Marathon - Jagjit Singh

    Most successful female recording artist - Madonna

   Longest concert - Balatonfured Guitar Festival

    Longest guitar performance-world record set by Georgi Georgiev

     Most succesful tenor - Luciano Pavarotti
   Longest karaoke - Kouvola Club
   Most successful solo artist - Elvis Presley

   Longest Radio Show - Johnnie Walker

   Fastest drummer - Eric Okamoto 

   Longest Concert by a Solo Artist - Alex Carlin  

   Longest piano concert - Romuald Koperski

   Longest concert by children artists - Star Club

   Longest guitar marathon - Andy Hoke 

   Longest Drumming Marathon - Jagjit Singh

   Longest concert - Balatonfured Guitar Festival
   Longest karaoke - Kouvola Club

   Longest Radio Show - Johnnie Walker

   Painting & Drawing

     Longest anamorphic pavement art: Channel NewsAsia breaks Guinness World Records record

     Most Original Acrylic Paintings on Canvas: world record set by Jax Frey (VIDEO)

    Largest 3D pen sculpture: Nissan sets world record (VIDEO)

   Largest flag mural: Robert Wyland breaks Guinness World Records record (VIDEO)

    Largest Paintbrush Mosaic: Olympic Paints and Stains breaks Guinness World Records record (VIDEO)

     Largest cat painting: Giant 19th century painting sets world record (VIDEO)

   Largest rice field mosaic: Japan breaks Guinness World Records record

Most expensive painting: Paul Gauguin artwork breaks Guinness World Records record (VIDEO)

Longest Cartoon Strip By A Team: Lincoln Peirce And HarperCollins break Guinness World Record (VIDEO)

  Longest drawing by an individual: Edmund Chen breaks Guinness world record (VIDEO)

  Most 4 x 6 inch works of art displayed in a gallery: Kelowna Art Gallery sets world record

   Largest portrait made of dice: Frederick McSwain (Video)

    Largest Bead Mosaic: Stephan Wanger sets world record (Video)

   Largest coffee bean mosaic: Saimir Strati sets world record (Video)

  Largest 3D painting: Reebok CrossFit sets world record (Video)

   Largest Lite-Brite Picture: Rob Surette set world record (Video)
   Largest porcelain painting - Wang Zhijun

   Longest porcelain painting - Pei Yongzhong

    Most Santa Claus images on sand - Sudarshan Pattnaik

  Longest color pencil drawing - Jainthan Francis

   Largest chalk pavement art - JOOnior Smile

   Largest Santa Claus ice sculpture - Chinese sculptors

  Tallest sand sculpture of Santa Claus - Sudarsan Patnaik

    Biggest auction of works by a single artist - Damien Hirst

   Largest cork mosaic - Saimir Strati

   Largest pencil drawing - Filemon Trevino   

    Largest artwork made of TV sets - LNK Infotree

   Biggest color painting - Luoyang students

   Most expensive Chinese painting - Qiu Ying
   Bronze goddess sculpture sets world auction record

   Napoleon's sword sold for world record price of $6.4m

   World record for opening-weekend box office

     Longest Love Poem: world record set by 'Marína' (VIDEO)

   Longest Beaded Art: world record set in Malaysia (VIDEO)

    Largest coffee mosaic: Budapest sets world record

    Largest coffee mosaic art: DFS Hawaii employees set world record (VIDEO)

   Largest Embroidery by a Single Person: Heather Hems

   Most characters played by one actor: Joe Bone

    Longest drama improvisation - St Catherine's College

      Longest piano concert - Romuald Koperski

     Most succesful tenor-Luciano Pavarotti

       Largest chalk pavement art- JOOnior Smile

       Largest Santa Claus ice sculpture - China     

Most successful female recording artist-Madonna