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      Fastest drummer-world record set by Eric Okamoto 

[Aug 4]CARY, N.C., US--Eric Okamoto is drumming 27 times a second which makes his the new world record holder for fastest drummer.His minute-long stretch of 1,620 beats earned him one of two world records earlier this week at an International Music Products Association show in Austin, Texas.

   "The first 30 seconds you're really happy about it," laughed Okamoto. "And the last 30 seconds you're really struggling to get through it."

   Okamoto broke his own world record in double strokes (a beat which goes left-left right-right) and set a new record in paradiddles (a different kind of stroke that goes left-right-left-left, right left right right).

   "Tens of thousands have done it for single strokes, and only a couple of them have done it in my catergory for double strokes, and so far I'm the only one able to do this in these numbers," said Okamoto.

   Okamoto says being one of the worlds fastest drummers isn't exactly easy; he has to warm up for up to two hours before trying an extended drum roll at that rate.

    "If you just tear into it and go as fast as you can, you can tear your muscles and hurt yourself. It's just like any other sport, you have to really warm up," he said.

    Okamoto's got two titles now, but hopes other people are gunning for him next year.

   "As long as they're out there interested in beating the record, I think it will perpetuate," said Okamoto.

    And the more people getting excited about it, the more will get into his favorite type of instrument.    

    Okamoto gives lessons at Burt's Music in Cary.

    Source:NBC17, Burst Music School