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  Longest guitar marathon-world record set by Andy Hoke  

 Longest guitar performance-world record set by Georgi Georgiev

[April 17] HENDON, UK--Georgi Georgiev, 26, performed for 45 hours over the weekend at Mannings pub, setting a new world record for the longest guitar performance.

   "It was horrible, but I was just about able to keep going," admitted Mr Georgiev, who had to learn a set list of almost 200 songs for the performance, all of which had to be familiar songs. No piece could be repeated within four hours.

   "The hardest part was the six hours leading up to the record. I wasn't really there in the head."

    Stewards, official witnesses and medics were present throughout, with massages and oxygen being provided each time Mr Georgiev took a break.

   The bass-guitarist was allowed just five minutes' rest each hour over the two- day session, and lived off a diet of blended pasta, sugar and beer.

   Mr Georgiev, who lives above the pub, said it would not have been possible without the musicians who accompanied him.

    "It was so important to have the support of the guys on the stage, and the crowd always picked me up. "I gave probably my best ever performance after I broke the record. I just relaxed and played all the songs I love."  

  Largest guitar ensemble-world record set by Meghalaya

   Most guitarists at one event

 Most guitarists playing the same song simultaneously - Germany

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