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   Longest guitar marathon-world record set by Andy Hoke  

 LAWRENCEVILLE, PA, USA -- Andy Hoke, 39, played during 60 hours more than 1,000 songs at the Thunderbird Cafe-setting the world record for the Longest guitar marathon by an individual.

   Photo: Andy Hoke played his instrument behind his head, right-handed, left-handed and even blindfolded. He also managed to play a full gig with his band The Smick Brothers.(enlarge photo)

Some of the rules included: no repeat songs in a four-hour period, songs more than two minutes long, and a five-minute break every hour.

   Andy Hoke originally broke the record in February 2007 in a 48-hour marathon that took place at the Thunderbird Cafe in Lawrenceville (owner John Pergal).

   In June, another musician from India set a new record of 53 hours. Andy Hoke , not one to back away from a challenge, set out to reclaim his title. "I figured I did it once and really felt great afterward, so I went full tilt this time," he said.

   Links:  Andy Hoke's website ;  Andy Hoke on Myspace

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Thursday, January 15, 2009


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