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   Friday, December 25, 2009

  Most Santa Claus images on sand-Sudarshan Pattnaik sets world record

 PURI Beach, India--Internationally acclaimed sand artist Sudarshan Patnaik, 33, and 20 of his students created 100 sand sculptures of Santa Claus on the Puri beach-setting the world record for the Most Santa Claus images on sand.

   (enlarge photo)

  Patnaik, along with his apprentices, created the Most Santa Claus images on sand in time for Christmas to deliver an environmental message to the world. The message, "Save Earth from Global Warming," has been carved into the sculpture itself.

Sudarshan Patnaik said, "It took nearly 48 hours to create 105 Santas and Christmas trees. About 1,000 tons of sand was used in creating the statues."

   Two little girls from West Bengal inaugurated the exhibition with the Most Santa Claus images on sand at the beach on eve of Christmas. "The girls were chosen to inaugurate the event because children love Santas," Pattnaik said.

  “Puri is the place where sand art started in the 14th Century and the tourist inflow into Puri is another reason why I chose the awareness about global warming by carving images of Santa Claus,” Pattnaik said.

   Last year he sculpted the tallest Santa on sand that stood 35 feet high and pleaded with people to further peace in every sphere of life.
   "The popularity of Santa is growing by the year among children. The message on global warming through Santa is especially for them as they alone can convince elders to exercise restraint and avert the looming disaster for earth from global warming," Patnaik said.

   "Myself and my students are putting in at least 10 hours every day in giving shape to the Santa Clauses and the 100th one would be completed by December 24 evening," said Patnaik who was recently felicitated by President Pratibha Patil at Puri for his achievement in the field of sand sculpting.

Patnaik has participated in more than 40 international sand sculpture festivals and competitions and won several prizes.

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Friday, December 25, 2009

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