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   Friday, May 29, 2009

   Youngest String Orchestra to Play at Carnegie Hall-world record set by South Pasadena Children's Orchestra

  NEW YORK CITY, USA -- The South Pasadena Children's Orchestra (formed by children ages 5 to 12), conducted by Susan Pascale played at prestigious, invitation-only festival at Carnegie Hall in New York City, setting the world record for the Youngest String Orchestra to Play at Carnegie Hall.

Photo: The Youngest String Orchestra to Play at Carnegie Hall stunned the audience with a virtuoso performance that resulted in standing ovations and ended with the highest award given at the New York Band and Orchestra festival presented by World Projects International. / Photo courtesy Tracy Chiang (enlarge photo)

   The South Pasadena Children's Orchestra is conducted by Susan Pascale and they received the esteemed Gold Award.
    They were the only elementary orchestra to compete in the all high school festival.

   Pascale noted that when the Youngest String Orchestra to Play at Carnegie Hal rehearsed and performed, the quality of the performance made it impossible to believe that these kids were so young.

   It was only when the children slid from their seats and stood up that the audience gasped, realizing the diminutive size of the players.
   Susan Pascale noted, "You could hear the gasps from the audience when the violins and violas stood up for the final number."

   "It kind of blew everybody away when they saw the size of the group and the music that was coming out," said Susan Pascale, founder and conductor of the orchestra.

    For more information, or for future concert dates, visit

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    Friday, May 29, 2009

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