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  Largest Gathering Of Santa Clauses-world record set by Porto
  PORTO city, Portugal -- Despite cold weather and drizzling rain, over 14,200 people dressed as Santa Clauses paraded in Portugal's city of Porto, raising money for charity and setting the world record for the Largest Gathering Of Santa Clauses.

   Photo:  Scores of women and children dressed as Father Christmas walked down the streets singing songs and dancing in the annual parade that started in the afternoon and stretched after dark.
   (enlarge photo)   

"It's not just a gathering of people at the time of the year when people normally get together, but it is also a social event to bring the warmth of Christmas to those who don't always have it," Vitor Ferreira, one of the organizers of the event, told reporters.

Every Santa, or Pai Natal (Father Christmas) as he is known in Portugal, who took part in the parade donated 1 euro to buy presents for the needy children in Porto, Portugal's second-largest city, Ferreira said.    

He said 17,400 people had signed up to take part, although bad weather prevented some from parading. Still, over 14,200 showed up in the end, which is a new world record.

 The previous world record for the largest gathering of Santa Clauses was set last year in Derry City, Northern Ireland, where a total of 12,965 people took part dressed up as Santa or Santa's helpers.

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   Monday, December 15, 2008

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