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  Tuesday, June 2, 2009

  Longest Pop Song-Apparente LibertÓ by Giancarlo Ferrari sets world record

 MILAN, Italy -- Giancarlo Ferrari, 37, composed and published a CD with a 76 minutes and 44 seconds long pop song called Apparente LibertÓ-setting the world record for the Longest Pop Song.

    Giancarlo Ferrari wrote both lyrics (in Italian language) and music for the song Apparente LibertÓ-the Longest Pop Song. The song was registered with the Italiy's national copyright office-SIAE.

  (enlarge photo)

    The previous world record for the Longest Pop Song was set by the 69 minutes long song "The Devil Glitch" by Chris Butler.

   The song 'Apparente LibertÓ' has a very interesting-but sad- story behind it.

  ...In late 90s, in the north west of Italy, there was an alternative/gothic rock band named 'Some Sad Clowns'.
    They were different from any other new Italian band. Other bands liked to perform live on stage having success playing hundreds of covers.

    'Some Sad Clowns' liked to spend the most of their time in studio composing original songs instead. And they never played any cover. Their singer and main composer was a quite handsome young man named Giancarlo Ferrari.
    Thanks to his voice he was called the Italian Ian Curtis and the Italian Jim Morrison. Probably he never thought his life was going to end so soon like the life of those two rockstars.

    Agognate (Italy). September 28th 1998. Few minutes before 3 pm. Giancarlo is driving his FIAT Tipo. A truck doesn't give him his right of way. A motorcrash. He's still alive, but... he will never be the same. On that day the life he had ended...

    He was badly injuried and his face was damaged. His right eye exploded. Luckily doctors were able to save him. Inside his face and his left leg there are pieces of metal to keep the bones together.

   They told him his leg is shorter now, so he can't run or jump. They saved his right eye too: it's still there, but... it's blind and it can't bear the light. He has to live like a vampire now. His girlfriend left him. And the band too... It was the end of the short history of 'Some Sad Clowns'.

   Some years later he met a girl. She tried to make the vampire go out from his tomb. So Giancarlo began to compose a song to make the world talk about him again. This time he wrote the lyrics in Italian language (before he always wrote in English) because he was worried about his country and wanted to make the Italian people wake up.

    On the 5th of October 2005 he copyrighted "Apparente LibertÓ", the longest song in the world (76 minutes and 44 seconds).
   On the 23rd of March 2008 he released the CD: it was his 36th birthday and it was also Easter and for him it was like to live again.    On the same year the soccer team he coached (he is also a UEFA B coach) won the Italian Female Soccer Serie C League.

    But not all the things are going so well... After more than 10 years since his motorcrash Giancarlo Ferrari didn't receive any money from the insurance company (Winterthur before and Aurora now) yet and his health is going worse each day.

   Giancarlo plans a new CD soon and looks for sponsors.
   He says:"if there is someone who wants to contact me to be my sponsor to help me to produce a new CD, or a record company, or some rockstar who wants to play or record my songs, I would be very happy and grateful. "    

   You can write him at this address:
   Giancarlo Ferrari
   Via Casorati 50
   28100 Novara
   or email him: dcrfe[at] ; replace[at] with @

   Link: Giancarlo Ferrari on Myspace

  Tuesday, June 2, 2009
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