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  Most Full Contact Martial Arts Punches In 1 Minute-Kevin Austen sets world record

 CHATHAM, UK  -- Kevin Harvey Austen, 32, has succeeded 487 full contact Martial Arts Punches in 1 minute- setting the new world record for the Most Full Contact Martial Arts Punches In 1 Minute.

Kevin Austen: " I was inspired recently when watching a video clip on YouTube involving Anthony Kelly from Australia, who in 2005 set a new world record by performing 347 full contact martial art punches in 1 minute."(enlarge photo)
"The method Anthony used was in a standing position, hitting a free standing focus pad being held by a partner and hitting at head height with power. Many people have attempted to beat this, but none of which directly match this technique."

What I found disappointing was that many people had claimed to beat this record but were not using the same technique, for example Robert Ardito achieved 420 but was punching in a circular motion like you would on a speed ball, very softly and against a pad which did not move (held on chest) and at chest level; this is a lot easier to achieve; and of which is something that I wanted to avoid as in my eyes if your are breaking a world record based on a specific technique or method then the same rules should be applied."
"The most difficult technique used from all the attempts is the one chosen by Anthony Kelly, of which was the first and therefore I have based my attempt upon."

"A style of Kung Fu called Wushu is known for it's speed and power; having trained in Chum Kune Do for over 8 years under it's creator Sijo Clifford Hyde-Gomes, I was keen to find out how fast I had become; so I decided to put myself to the test!".
"This was not planned and I had just finished 8 x 3 min. of sparring after a 1 hour run in the morning, but the opportunity arose and I enjoy a challenge and it seemed like fun..."

Kevin Austen: "It is physical impossible for a human being to throw more than 520 full contact punches in a minute. I achieved 487 and it can be beaten if someone maintains my speed for a longer period of time.
   Based on my training and experience this would only be achieved by a phenomenal athlete and would be exhausted."
  Links: Kevin Harvey-Austen on YouTube

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Sunday, April 26, 2009

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