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  Longest tennis coaching marathon-world record set by Andy Wheeler
 THORNDON, WELLINGTON, New Zealand -- Tennis coach Andy Wheeler had 60 tennis clients during a 30-hour marathon coaching effort at Thorndon Tennis Club-setting the world record for the Longest tennis coaching marathon.

   Photo: Andy Wheeler is drenched with champagne after his 30-hour coaching stint - a charity bid in which he had 60 tennis clients. / MAARTEN HOLL / The Dominion Post (enlarge photo)

 The event was held to raise funds for the Cancer Society. Mr Wheeler's mother died of cancer when he was a teenager.

Central Tennis's regional development manager Charles Cordwell gave Mr Wheeler a surprise wake-up call when he doused him in champagne at the end of his effort.

Thorndon Tennis Club is the oldest tennis club in the Southern Hemisphere and the oldest original tennis club in the world - 1879.

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   Sunday, February 22, 2009

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