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  Longest Marathon Billiards Match-world record set by Brian Lilley and Daniel Maloney
 SPRING LAKE, N.C., USA -- Brian Lilley and Daniel Maloney played billiards for more than 600 consecutive games of billiards in a 52 hours span at the VFW Post 9103-setting the world record for the Longest Marathon Billiards Match.

   Photo: Brian Lilley and his buddy Daniel Maloney. / Photo by Cassandra Locke/B & C Advertising (enlarge photo)

 “I am relieved now,” said Lilley after getting the e-mail notification. “I’m happy we did it, it was well worth it.”

 Lilley and Maloney worked together as ammunitions troops at Pope Air Force Base, NC, and found a common interest 7 years ago—billiards.

  The record to break was 50 hours and two minutes.

Under World Record guidelines, the men were allowed five minutes every hour to eat and drink or go to the bathroom. Their strategy included accumulating their breaks for when fatigue heavily set in.

   “The first twenty-four hours was the toughest,” said Maloney. “Then after the thirty-six-hour mark it got even tougher.”

   They took a total of six 5-minute breaks and one 15-minute break. What kept them going was water, electrolytes, snacking on bananas and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and the support of the spectators.

  The guidelines state that there has to be at least two independent witnesses at a time and a nurse for every four hours of play to ensure the players were physically able to continue the marathon without injuring themselves.

   "A lot of people put a lot of time and resources into this effort and we appreciate everyone’s support,” said Lilley.

   What started out as an individual effort to fulfill the dream of breaking the record turned into an event the local community and Lilley’s second family, the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 9103, of which he is a life-member, embraced.
   The idea then evolved into a fundraiser for the post’s building expansion efforts. The Airmen and B & C Advertising raised more than $400 for the committee from sponsorships, donations and a 50/50 raffle drawing.

  “What better way to fulfill this dream than to share the opportunity with my family and friends and raise money for a worthy cause,” said Lilley.

   “Our post is honored to have been able to take part in this event,” said Dave Hamel, VFW Post 9103 member commander, and former 23rd Fighter Group chief enlisted manager.

   Saturday, February 21, 2009
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