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  Longest soccer game-world record set by Bristol Academy and Leeds Badgers
 BRISTOL, UK -- Two English amateur football teams- Bristol Academy and Leeds Badgers- played soccer (football) non-stop for 36 hours in the 'Footballathon'-setting the new world record for the Longest soccer game.

   Photo: Each team had 18 players who each played around 18 hours, staying at the Bristol pitch during their breaks. (enlarge photo)

Simon Lynes, organiser of the Longest soccer game, said:" This was an absolutely incredible effort from all the lads. We were exhaused and there were some though times in the early hours of the morning but once we got past the 24 hours mark we knew we were going to make it. I'm so proud of each and every one of the players who put in an unbelievable effort both before and during the Longest soccer game."

 The previous world record for the longest soccer game was set by Joeys Soccer Club with a 32 hours long game.

The Longest soccer game kicked off at 10am on April 11th, finishing 36 gruelling hours later at 10pm on April 12th at Filton College in Bristol. Players went without sleep, battled on in sub-zero temperatures and each ran an average of 70 kilometres over the duration of the match.

  The Leeds Badgers eventually triumphed over the team from bristol by 285 goals to 255, with striker Adam McPhee taking the golden boot after notching an incredible 75 goals.   

   The two teams set out to raise money in memory of Jamie Burdett, who played for the Badgers and passed away from Maningitis two years ago. The money raised is being donated to the Meningitis Trust and Kids Adventure and you can donate using the links on this website.

Former Liverpool FC star and Welsh international Ian Rush, who had meningitis as a child, said: "These players are amazing."

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  Monday, April 27, 2009

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