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  Most dominoes toppled by a group -world record set by Mr.Domino and team
 LEEUWARDEN, The Netherlands -- Robin Paul Weijers (AKA Mr. Domino) and his team set up 4.5 million dominoes and toppled 4,345,027 dominoes-setting the world record for the Most dominoes toppled by a group.

   Photo: Domino Day is a world record attempt for the highest number of toppling domino stones, organised each year by Endemol Netherlands.   (enlarge photo)

   Together with Robin Paul Weijers, also known as Mr. Domino, parties team up to set a new world record. This year was the team of Weijers Domino Productions.

The annual attempt was more than a year in the planning and involved 85 students from 13 countries.

Also, 9 additional world record were attempted and successfully broken.

   These additional world records were:
   1. Longest domino spiral (200 m)
   2. Highest domino climb (12 m)
   3. Smallest domino stone (7 mm)
   4. Largest domino stone (4.8 m)
   5. Longest domino wall (16 m)
   6. Largest domino structure (25,000 stone)
   7. Fastest topple of 30 metres of domino stone (4.21 sec, time by Churandy Martina: 3.81 sec)
    8. Largest number of domino stone resting on a single domino (727 stones)
    9. Largest rectangular level domino field (1 million stones)

   The previous record was set 2 years ago, with 4,079,381 dominoes toppled.

   Click here to see the Masterplan of Domino Day 2008


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  Saturday, December 13, 2008

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