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   Highest Score for a Single Song on Guitar Hero III-world record set by Danny Johnson
 NEW YORK CITY, USA -- Danny Johnson, a 14-year-old boy from Grapevine, Texas has earned 973,954 points (a 99% completion rate on Expert Level) playing DragonForce's "Through the Fire and Flames" -setting the world record for the Highest Score for a Single Song on Guitar Hero III.

   Photo by Donald Bowers/Getty Images   (enlarge photo)

   Johnson played so hard he actually broke one of the buttons on his fake guitar.

The 14-year-old from Grapevine, Texas traded the record back and forth with former record holder Chris Chike for almost a year, and has been looking for his chance to take back the crown for months now.

    Johnson's nimble fingers have attracted over 2.5 million people to his YouTube videos and earned him countless fans.

   Note: Guitar Hero, Activision and RedOctane are registered trademarks of Activision Publishing, Inc.   

   Saturday, February 7, 2009

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        Highest Score for a Song on Guitar Hero III


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