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  Longest frisbee throwing (for the over 55s)-world record set by Patricia Martin
 LONDON, UK -- Councillor Patricia Martin, who is in her 60s, smashed the mini disc world record for the over 55s with a whopping 20.55metres-setting the world record for the Longest frisbee throwing (for the over 55s).

   Photo: Deputy Mayor of Dudley Councillor Patricia Martin is flying high with her frisbee.(enlarge photo)

Councillor Patricia Martin, deputy Mayor of Dudley said: I was very sporting in my younger days and I used to throw the discus at school, but I had never thrown a frisbee.
    I am very competitive but I was very surprised when they told me I had broken a record. I thought it was a joke, I only entered for fun.
    I suppose I might be the first record-breaking deputy Mayor Dudley has ever had.

 Councillor Martin, who is in her 60s, was invited to the Friends of Netherton Park fun day which featured frisbee throwing and the chance to go for a number of world and British titles.

   Despite having never thrown a frisbee before, the deputy Mayor smashed the mini disc world record for the over 55s with a whopping 20.55metres.

At school Councillor Martin excelled in swimming, athletics and hockey. She still plays golf off a 15 handicap. The deputy first citizen of the borough was asked along to the fun day, and was one of around 2,000 people in the park on Saturday July 29.

   The distance has been verified by the World Flying Disc Federation in America and has been officially recorded by the group.

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Monday, January 12, 2009

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