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   Longest softball fastpitch game - Caronno Rheavendors

  Longest softball game-world record set by Charlottetown softball players

 CHARLOTTETOWN, Canada--Two teams in Charlottetown have set the world record for the longest softball game, after playing a total of 96 hours and 4 minutes of softball.  
    Photo:   Player Scott Chandler, said the worst thing about the game was the weather. "It rained right from the beginning through to the final out, or seemed to", Chandler said.
(enlarge photo)
"When that cold rain comes down, and you're up at home plate, I almost floated out to sea," he said, "It made it very difficult."

There were 40 players in the event, and 20 were involved in play at all times. No one was allowed to leave the field except in the event of injury. All players got a break for 30 minutes every six hours.

   Lineups of 10 players per team played three shifts a day: one two hours, one four hours and one six hours.    

  "With the event starting out with drizzle, then light showers, then rain, to an eventual monsoon the players battled through and kept playing", the official website says.

   The final score was Mark's Work Wearhouse 1066, Hunter's Ale House 874, organizer Rick Thistle said.
   Apart from trying to break a world record, the players were raising more than $10,000 for the Canadian Cancer Society P.E.I. chapter.

   Player's list: Allan MacDonald, Bill Trowsdale, Billy McGarry Brad Mullen, Chris Halliwell, Cory Maye, Darren Russel, Dave Tompkins, David Rupert, Harry James, Isabelle Richard, Janice Thistle, Jason Hambly, Jason Thomson, Jeremy Coles, Joe-Anne MacDougall, John Younker, Kim James, Lance Jarvis, Mark Johnston, Matthew Gauthier, Paula Sherren, Rick Thistle, Ryan Deighan, Ryan Koughan, Samantha McKinnon, Scott Chandler, Scott McInnis, Sean Maclachlan, Shelly Kay, Stephanie Arsenault, Stephen Bishop, Tasha McTague, Timothy Keoughan, TJ Cummiskey, Trevor MacKinnon, Trevor Thistle, Troy Fraser, Tyler Gunter, Tyler Johnston, Tyson Hughes, Wensel Harris.

  The previous world record for the longest game ever played was set in Quebec by Dollard-des-Ormeaux which held a softball marathon that lasted 95 hours and 23 minutes in July 2005.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

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