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  Largest artwork made of TV sets-world record set by LNK Infotree

[April 23] EUROPOS PARKAS, Lithuania--The sculpture LNK Infotree created by Lithuanian artist Gintaras Karosas is made of about 3000 TV sets, spans an area of 3,135 square metres and sets the world record for the largest artwork made of TV sets.

   All Lithuania has taken part in the creation of a labyrinth of television sets, titled LNK Infotree.

  (enlarge photo)

  People from various Lithuanian towns donated old TV sets after an appeal from Europos Parkas was broadcast on LNK television.  

  The sculpture LNK Infotree is made of about 3000 TV sets and spans an area of 3,135 square metres. It is even possible to get lost in the 700-metres maze.  

   (enlarge photo)

 (enlarge photo)

It has the shape of a tree when viewed from above. A statue of Lenin lies in the middle of the labyrinth. The sculpture symbolizes the absurdity of Soviet propaganda that for over half a century had been implanted in people’s minds with the help of senseless TV.

    The narrow paths that dead TV sets form show its limitation. 6000 square metres of polythene, 700 square metres of bitumen cover and 90 cubic metres of wood were used to create the composition.

   500 litres of highest quality Sadolin Pinotex paint were used to paint the wooden part of the sculpture. A support from the LI Sadolin made it possible.

    The total weight of the TV sets is about 150 tons.

    LNK Infotree panoramic photo, click here

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