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    Strongest Boy-world record set by Nicholas Ortiz

[Aug 29] RENO,NV, US-- Nicholas Ortiz, a 11 years old boy from Reno, has always had an interest in bodybuilding, weightlifting and pro-wrestling.

  Nicholas Ortiz's last (successful) world record attempt was lifting a 126 pounds friend- Chris Sharp- and holding him over his head for 2 minutes! This record, properly certified by witnesses, bring to Nicholas Ortiz the title of Strongest Boy in the World!

   His hero is WWE Superstar Chris Masters. Nicholas practices lifting his school friends and has lifted a friend that weighs 155 pounds.

  Nicholas's proud mother Ginger says he has always been into muscle and wheights, he has a real talent and a lot of heart.

  Nicholas Ortiz is 11 years old, 5 foot 1 and attends the 6th grade.