Valentine's Day world records

Most Expensive Bouquet Of Roses: Arena Flowers sets world record (VIDEO)

    Longest Kiss: Ekkachai and Laksana Tiranarat sets new world record (Video) 

  Longest Kiss: Couples in Thailand set new world record

  Most Hugs Given in 24 Hours: world record set by Jeff Ondash

  Longest Pop Song-Apparente Libertà by Giancarlo Ferrari

  Longest Love Poem: 'The Evening Star'

  Most Expensive Bride: Deven Trabosh

 Largest slab of chocolate fudge: Lansing Community College

  Largest box of chocolates: Thorntons Moments

   Longest wedding dress: Ling Rong    

   Fastest update of relationship status: Dana Hanna and Tracy Page

  Longest wedding dress: Ling Rong

  Most weddings in a single day: China

  Largest Bride Parade: Bucharest

  Most married woman: Linda Wolfe

  Longest marriage for a living couple: Herbert and Zelmyra Fisher

  Largest wedding vows renewal: Pittsburg

  Largest Wedding Vow Renewal: Bucharest

   Most kisses in one minute: DJ Paul Winstanley

   Longest kiss while standing in the window: Mexx fans

  Most kisses in the skies: SkyEurope

   Most simultaneous kisses: Tuzla town

  Most people kissing at one time: Mexico City


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     Most Hugs Given in 24 Hours - Jeff Ondash

Most Expensive Bride - Deven Trabosh

Longest kiss world record

          Largest Bride Parade-Bucharest


       Most people kissing at one time-Mexico