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    Fastest Battery-Powered RC Car: Nic Case breaks Guinness World Records record (VIDEO)

    First Lego Shuttle Sent into Space: Raul Oaida sets world record (Video)
  Largest kokanee - world record set by Ron Campbell

  Longest flight by a paper-only plane-Takuo Toda sets world record

   Most supernova spotted by a single person-Tom Boles sets world record

   Largest mass ascent-Lorraine Mondial Air Ballons rally sets world record

  Largest Origami Giraffe-world record set by Himanshu Agrawal

  Biggest freshwater fish ever caught-world record set by Ian Welch

  Largest jigsaw puzzle commercially available-world record set by

  Snowy grouper caught by Jere Humphries sets world record

  Tallest roller coaster model-world record set by Branden Moyer

   Fastest time for solving the Rubik's Cube-world record set by Erik Akkersdijk

   Biggest spadefish-world record set by Leo Olivarez

    Largest miniature railroad-world record set by Miniatur Wunderland

  Biggest lingcod caught by Robbie Hammond set world record

    Biggest bison killed-world record set by E.D.Riekens Jr. 

  Biggest yellowedge grouper-world record set by Heath Cataulin

  Giant Fluke caught by Monica Oswald set world record

   Fastest puzzle completed by Elaine Lewis set world record

  Largest fish caught on 1 kg line-world record set by Guy Jacobsen

   Biggest carp caught in Thailand set world record

   Most kite flying-world record set by Aussie scouts

   Most surfers on a single wave -world record set in Brazil

   Oversized shellcracker set world record

           Longest flight by a paper-only plane

            Biggest freshwater fish ever caught

Largest jigsaw puzzle commercially available

                  Longest Radio transmission