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  Snowy grouper caught by Jere Humphries sets world record
  VIRGINIA BEACH, VA, USA -- A 68-pound snowy grouper caught by Norfolk's Jere Humphrie is the new all-tackle world record.

   Photo: Norfolk's Jere Humphries with his 68-pound snowy grouper, a new world record, caught off the coast of Virginia Beach. / Courtesy of Jere Humphries  (enlarge photo)

 "This definitely is my most memorable fish," said Humphries, a 51-year-old dental laboratory technician.

    Humphries said the grouper fight took about 30 minutes.

    "When that fish hit, I could not move it," he said. "Finally, a couple of cranks got him off the bottom and the fight was on.

   "It was one intense pull and fight, and I was totally exhausted when I got it in the boat. "

    Humphries' fish eclipsed the previous world record of 66 pounds, caught in December 2007 by Hampton's Chris Boyce.

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