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  Thursday, July 30, 2009

  Largest mass ascent-Lorraine Mondial Air Ballons rally sets world record    

 Chambley-Bussieres, France -- A total of 329 balloons lined up to take off at dusk at the Lorraine Mondial Air Ballons rally in eastern France-setting the world record for the largest mass ascent of hot air baloons.

  (enlarge photo)

 A spokesman for the Lorraine Mondial Air Balloons described the mass ascent as: 'a magical moment, unique in the world,' and going by these shots, it is difficult to disagree.

     With about a thousand participating balloons, the Lorraine Mondial Air Ballons is the world's biggest hot-air balloon rally.

   The annual event featured a number of Brits who had made the short hop over the Channel to take part.

    According to the British Balloon and Airship Club, the event is the largest of its kind in Europe and thousands of balloonists and spectators descend - or perhaps ascend - from the French site.   

    The previous Guinness world record for the largest mass ascent took place on 15 August 1987, when 128 hot-air balloons took off in the course of one hour at the Ninth Bristol International Balloon Festival, at Ashton Court, Bristol, UK.    
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Thursday, July 30, 2009

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