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        Skydiving world records

  Highest BASE jump: Valery Rozov breaks Guinness world record (VIDEOS)

    Oldest female skydiver: Dilys Price breaks Guinness World Records record (VIDEO)

  First skydiver to break the speed of sound: Felix Baumgartner sets world record (VIDEO)

   Most skydivers in a vertical formation: 138 skydivers set world record (VIDEO)

  Largest 'flower formation': Russian female skydivers set world record (VIDEO)

  Largest Skydive Formation: Skydivers Over Sixty set world record

  Oldest Female to Paraglide Tandem: Mary Ellen Hardison set world record (PICS)

  Most skydives by an 80-year-old in one day: Pat Moorehead sets world record (Video)

  Most parachute jumps: Don Kellnerm (Video)

  Oldest tandem skydiving jumper: Fred Mack (Video)

   Highest base jump: Nasr Al Niyadi and Omar Al Hegelan

  Largest women's head-down freefly formation: 41 female skydivers set world record

  Most tamdem loops in one jump: Pal Takats and Gabor Kezi

  Most vertical metres skied: Oliver Kern

   Highest Launch of a Jewelry Collection: H’Art Design Ltd.

   Highest Skydive Landing: Jai Kishan, Wendy Smith and Tom Noonan

  Highest parachute landing: world record set near Mount Everest

  Oldest wing walker: Tom Lackey  

  Largest all-female skydiving formation: 181 skydivers

  Largest Diamond formation: 100 skydivers

   Largest Freefalling Sky Dive Cross In The World   
   Largest skydiving during a Solar Eclipse: Romanian skydivers

   Biggest skydiving formation: US skydivers   

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            Highest Skydive Landing - Jai Kishan             

              Most tandem skydives in 24 hours

           Skydiving from the highest peak