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  Largest Bowl of Pasta - Buca di Beppo sets world record

 Largest Bowl of Pasta-world record set by Wataniya Restaurants

  DOHA, Qatar -- Wataniya Restaurants dished up a 2-metre wide, 6-metre long Wataniya Pasta which weighed 4,300 kilograms -prepared using tasty Sbarro pasta, which sets the world record for the Largest Bowl of Pasta.

   Photo: The world’s biggest bowl of pasta made by Sbarro at the Golf Club: PICTURE: T K Nasser (enlarge photo)

  The new world record for the  Largest Bowl of Pasta, prepared using Sbarro pasta, surpassed the previous Guinness World Record Pasta by more than 1,000 kilograms.

 'Today's Wataniya Pasta world record proves how devoted Sbarro is to serving the biggest pasta meals,' declared a proud Nasser Beydoun, CEO of Doha-based Wataniya Restaurants Q.S.C.

 'Every Sbarro restaurant in Qatar always serves the largest, freshest plates of pasta made from 100% nutritious ingredients, as well as tasty pizza, healthy salads and delicious desserts.'

 The programme was co-organised by Al-Markhiya Primary Independent Girls School.

 Wataniya is a privately owned Qatari corporation with QR100m ($27.5m) headquartered in Doha whose international brands include Al Rifai, American Grill, Chopsticks, Flames of Brazil, Le Cirque, Mongolian Barbecue, New York Deli, Pita Fresh, Rainforest Café, Restaurant 29, Sbarro and Vic & Anthony's.

   Qatar's leader in authentic Italian cuisine, Wataniya Restaurants now has 9 Sbarro restaurants serving the biggest plates of pasta in Qatar.

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   Saturday, March 28, 2009

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