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   Largest cheese sculpture - world record set by Tanys Pullin

  Largest cheese sculpture-world record set by Cheez-It
  NEW YORK, USA --The Big Cheese, created by veteran cheese carver Troy Landwehr, depict John Trumbull’s iconic painting of the signing of the Declaration of Independence and made from a 2,000-pound (one ton) block of cheddar cheese, which
sets the world record for the largest cheese sculpture.

  Photo: Cheese carver Troy Landwehr brushes oil off a rendition of the signing of the Declaration of Independence carved out of 2000 lbs of cheese in New York, July 3, 2008. REUTERS/Lucas Jackson
  (enlarge photo)

The replica of an iconic painting by John Trumbull shows John Adams, John Hancock, Benjamin Franklin and others standing around a table signing the historic document. The original painting hangs in the Capitol in Washington. And an image of it graces the back of the $2 bill.

"It's very patriotic, using the signing of the Declaration of Independence, bringing Americans together for the Fourth," said Troy Landwehr, who carved the sculpture for cracker company Cheez-It to celebrate U.S. Independence Day.      

  He worked eight hours a day for a week in a 40-degree cooler carving the block of Wisconsin cheddar.

  The cheddar has been pasteurized and will not melt," Landwehr said. "What I spray on it is cooking oil and that stops it from drying out and cracking," he said. "That's why it looks sweaty. It actually preserves the cheese."

   Photo: 2-Pedestrians peek at a rendition of the signing of the Declaration of Independence carved out of 2000 lbs of cheese by Troy Landwehr in New York, July 3, 2008. REUTERS/Lucas Jackson  (enlarge photo)
   Weighing in at one ton, the carving will be nearly three times the size of last year’s The Big Cheese, a 700-pound rendition of America’s first big cheeses—the presidential faces of Mt. Rushmore.   

   The work is not the first time Landwehr has recreated U.S. history with cheese. Last year he carved a cheese version of Mount Rushmore, which depicts U.S. presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Teddy Roosevelt and Abe Lincoln    Photo: Veteran cheese carver Troy Landwehr displays his 700 pound cheese carving of Mt. Rushmore in Times Square July 4, 2007 as part of last year’s Cheez-It® The Big Cheese™ Tour; photo Cheez-It  (enlarge photo) 

   This year he took on another version of America's first "big cheeses" -- Trumbull's oil painting, which hangs in the Rotunda of the U.S. Capitol and shows 42 of the 56 signatories of the 1776 Declaration of Independence from Britain.

   He said putting the cheese on display in New York and Philadelphia would help it age faster and then it would be taken back to Wisconsin to be donated to food pantries.

  "I scanned the painting into the computer, drew a 3D mapping of it and basically did lines and grids," said Landwehr, who has been carving cheese since he was 12 and owns a winery in Wisconsin.

   "The hardest part was trying to keep everybody in proportion," he said.

  To pay homage to the original signing of the Declaration of Independence, The Big Cheese will be displayed during the afternoon of our nation’s birthday. It will be available for all to enjoy from 12pm to 4pm on Friday, July 4, 2008, at the Bourse at Independence Mall in downtown Philadelphia’s historic area.

  Following the patriotic festivities, Landwehr will embark on a nationwide tour of grocery retailers to demonstrate his Big Cheese carving skills. Shoppers across the country will be able to watch a carving of local significance unfold before their eyes.

  Jul. 4th Independence Mall Philadelphia, PA
  Jul. 5th Acme S101 Byers Dr., Glen Mills, PA
  Jul. 24th Market Basket 139 Endicott St., Danvers, MA
  Aug. 7th HyVee and Fareway Iowa State Fair, Des Moines, IA   Aug. 18th Harris Teeter Grandover Resort/Conference Center,                    Greensboro NC
  Sep. 7th Price Chopper 50 Cambridge St., Worcester, MA
  Sep. 10th Meijer 2177 W Columbia Ave., Battle Creek, MI

  July 4, 2008

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