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  Largest ceviche-world record set by Peruvian chefs
 CALLAO, Peru -- 300 Peruvian chefs, elbow deep in more than six tons of sliced fish, onions and lime, prepared a 6.791 tons (about 14,940 pounds) ceviche (a Peruvian seafood specialty, a citrus-marinated seafood appetizer ) -setting the world record for the Largest ceviche.
   Photo: Peruvian chefs, elbow deep in more than six tonnes of square-cut fish, onion and lime, won on Sunday the World Record for the largest ceviche, a Peruvian seafood specialty.
  (enlarge photo)
   The classic dish, made with raw fish and a spicy citrus sauce that "cooks" it, weighed in at 6.8 tonnes, some 2 tonnes more than the previous record. /Reuters Photo

 Five tons of fresh white fish, 2,500 kilograms of limes and about the same amount of onions, and 250 kilograms each of red pepper and salt went into Peru's massive effort to recover its place as world recordholder for the largest ceviche, an honor it had lost to Mexico in 2007.

  To contain the ceviche, organizers used an aluminum container about 30 meters (yards) long, which was set up inside a sports center in Peru's main port, which is part of greater Lima.

Some 450 students and chefs worked in an open-air sports stadium in Callao, a working-class district near Peru's capital -- slicing, dicing and mixing white fish with lime, salt, onions and aji peppers.

  The classic dish, made from raw fish and a spicy citrus sauce that "cooks" it, weighed in at 6.8 tons, 2 tons more than the previous record.

  "Today, we have brought together all the people of Callao so that in the name of Peru, we can take back the world record for the largest ceviche", said Callao's regional president Alexander Kouri, who stood in front of 14 giant metal containers filled with fish.

To weigh the ceviche, students scooped it into smaller boxes that they put on top of a movable scale. It took some two dozen hands to lift each container.

  "Ceviche is a dish that is excellent when very fresh, and which - in small portions - can be made in two or three minutes, but on this occasion, we've taken much more time to make it, (while) maintaining the quality," the president of the Association of Seafood Restauranteurs of Peru, Javier Vargas, told Efe.

 Hundreds of people from the neighborhood waited outside the Callao stadium for a plate of food. "A Peruvian who does not eat ceviche is not Peruvian," said Espinoza.

  Kouri added that if "any other city in the world ... (wants) to beat Callao, if they set a new record, we're ready to make an even larger ceviche."

 The previous record for the world's largest ceviche, weighing in at 4.5 tons, was set in Mexico in 2005. Prior to that, Peru held it at 4.1 tons.   

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   Monday, December 8, 2008

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