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  Longest ostrich sandwich- world record set by Iran
 TEHRAN, Iran -- Using 1,000kg (2,200lbs) of ostrich meat and 700 kg of chicken, a team of chefs in Iran created a 1,500 meters ( 4,921ft) ostrich sandwich-setting the world record for the longest ostrich sandwich.
   Photo: Iranian workers prepare a giant ostrich meat sandwich planned to reach 1500 meters in an attempt to achieve a World Record, during the second international food and health festival in Tehran, Iran / AP photo-Hasan Sarbakhshian (enlarge photo)

Displayed at the International Food and Health festival in Tehran, the 1000 kilogram mega meal took about five tonnes of different ingredients, including chicken meat and sauce as well as ostrich.

   More than 1,000 cooks laboured from early morning in Tehran's Mellat park to assemble the one-thousand kilogram meat monster sandwich.

  It took two days to prepare the 1.4 metric tons of ostrich meat, chicken, mayonnaise, mushrooms, onions, garlic, spices and bread to make the 1.5-km (0.9-mile) sandwich, which was eaten in minutes.

   It was then displayed at the Second International Food Health Festival.

   Once the new record had been officially recorded, the sandwich was cut up and the audience was invited to tuck in. The event was designed to promote healthier eating as ostrich meat is low in fat and high in protein and iron.

   Iran is the world's third largest breeder and producer of ostrich meat, after South Africa and China.   The ostrich meat is low in fat and high in iron and protein.

   There are believed to be around 130 Iranian ostrich farms, with local experts insisting that the country possesses the world's best climatic conditions for breeding.  

  The event was organised jointly by Tehran municipality's women's committee along with industrial ostrich farmers and food and catering groups as part of the city's second international food and health festival.

   Besides setting records, the long-term goal was to create a new cultural appetite for ostrich, which is lower in fat and cholesterol than other meats traditionally popular in Iran.

  The previous world record for longest ostrich sandwich- a
1,378 metres (4,521-foot) sandwich set in Italy in May- has been broken.

     Meat Feat: Ostrich Makes Biggest Sandwich

   Iranian's enjoy 'world's longest sandwich' Video

   Saturday, October 18, 2008

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