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   Longest beef sosatie-world record set by Arcelor Mittal
 NEWCASTLE, South Africa
-- 440 participants from Newcastle, KwaZulu-Natal, created a 2.1km long beef sosatie-setting the world record for the  Longest beef sosatie.

   Photo: Bennie van Wyk can hardly wait to get stuck into the world-record winning sosatie made at Newcastle. / Photo by Reint Dykema, Beeld (enlarge photo)

Forty teams each threaded the meat, vegetables and peaches onto a 5mm steel rod. Each rod was then welded onto the next one, explained Reint Dykema of the Solidarity team.

The ingredients: 3 100 kg meat, 33 600 onions, 24 500 pieces of dried peach and 4 500 green peppers. The secret ingredient: perseverance, because a massive rain storm nearly derailed the event halfway through.

   Every team was responsible for braaiing 50m of the sosatie. The rules determined that it was not allowed to break. Although the rain extinguished the flames, it couldn't dampen the enthusiasm.

   The fire was hurriedly rekindled to cook the meat and the record was in the bag. Altogether 15 tons of charcoal were used.

   The rules required the sosatie, which would be suspended above the fire on metal rods rather like a series of joined spit braais, to be cooked as one continuous piece.

   The Arcelor Mittal plant in Newcastle had arranged the fundraising event.

   The cooked sosatie was donated to charity organisations.

   The previous world record for the Longest beef sosatie was just over 1.5 kilometres. 

   Monday, October 20, 2008

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