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  Largest hot dog-world record set by Monterrey chefs
 MONTERREY, Mexico -- Local businesses with the support of the Monterrey city hall organized an event to create a 76.23 meters (250 feet) hot dog-setting the world record for the Largest hot dog.

  Photo: Tomas Bravo / Reuters
  (enlarge photo)

 This new world record for the Largest hot dog broke the previous record of 61 meters (200 feet) set in Japan.

Americans consume approximately 20 billion hot dogs each year — that’s 634 hot dogs per second!

   Photo: Queen of Wien Martha Stewart held up a 15-foot long wiener, modeled after the world’s largest hot dog, which was 197 feet long.
   The super-sized hot dog was made in Brooklyn, New York, by Empire National.    Said Martha:“For those of you who don’t think length matters, I disagree – especially when it comes to wieners. There’s just never enough bites in a hot dog.”

  (enlarge photo)

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  Sunday, September 28, 2008

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