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   Longest Bulz: world record set by the villagers from Turia
 TURIA, CV, Romania -- Over 300 inhabitants of the Commune of Turia have participated at the creation of a bulz of 150,32 meters, which was divided in 7.500 portions consumed rapidly, setting the world record for the longest Bulz.

   Photo:   At the preparation of the bulz was necessary of 400 kg of maize, 150 kg of sheep cheese, 15 liters of oil, 24 kg of salt and 450 liters of boiled water. 240 women from the commune floured sheep cheese and rolled the bulz. (enlarge photo)

   In order to boil the hominy there was necessary of the strength of 75 men who rolled in the 15 kettles full of hominy, and in the end they shared the hominy with the paddle on the long raw of tables.  

     (enlarge photo)

   (enlarge photo)

   (enlarge photo)

   (enlarge photo)

    (enlarge photo)

“I am very proud of this success, of the fact that 300 inhabitants from Turia succeeded in establishing a world record and that they involved at the first call”, said the Mayor of the commune and president of the ANTREC Covasna, Mr.Daragus Attila.

  He hopes that the next years to prepare a much bigger bulz than this one, that will bring at least as many people as in this year.

   The world record Bulz was measured and verified by Viorel Ilisie and Svetlana Georgeta Ilisie from the county Service of Metrology – Covasna: “The proposed record not only was reached, but also exceeded the bulz measuring 150 493.17585 feet”.

   The Bulz is a very popular Romanian dish based on "mamaliga", and consists of balls of mamaliga filled with cheese and butter and roasted in the oven.

   "Mamaliga" is a fat-free, cholesterol-free, high-fiber food. It can be used as a healthy alternative to more refined carbohydrates such as white bread, pasta or hulled rice.

   Among the ones that rolled the bulz counted the president of the County Council of Covasna, Mr. Tamas Sandor, who turned up his sleeves and helped at the reaching of the record.

   With this occasion, Mr. Tamas announced the mare and the inhabitants that in their commune will be built a new sports room, more modern than the actual one.

  Before the consumption, the bulz was verified bythe doctors Nemes Emeric and Imre Laszlo from the Veterinary Sanitary Department and Safety of Aliments.

   After measuring, the record was certified for the Academy of World Records by the public notary Domokos Erno – Attila.

    The event was sponsored by SC Boromir SA, SC Daragus SRL and SC Poiana Negri SA.   
   Bulz traditional recipe:
    1. Make a medium hard polenta.
    2. Take pieces the size of a medium Apple and fill each ball of polenta with 1-2 teaspoons of Cheese.
    3. Then grill the balls, preferably over an open fire.
    4. They are ready when they are golden brown outside and the Cheese is melted inside.
   Wednesday, October 22, 2008

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