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  Biggest Chocolate Crepe Cake-world record set by Gus Kazakos   
 OCEAN CITY, NJ, USA  -- Gus Kazakos, owner of Opa Gyros and Crepes, built a 300 pounds, 40 inches tall French crepe cake-setting the new world record for the Biggest Chocolate Crepe Cake.
   Photo: Gus Kazakos, owner of Opa Gyros and Crepes, unveiled his Biggest Chocolate Crepe Cake in front of about 200 people on the Ninth Street Boardwalk. / Photo by Press of Atlantic City

The Biggest Chocolate Crepe Cake consisted of 120 pounds of flour, 140 eggs, 80 liters of milk, 80 pounds of chocolate, 40 pounds of bananas and an equal measure of strawberries.

  Nancy Tratta, visiting from Braddock, said the dessert tasted as good as it looked. "It melts in your mouth. It's light. It's fluffy. It's excellent," she said.

  Gus Kazakos built the tower by stacking individually made crepes the size and shape of pizzas on top of each other - all 510 of them.

  The Biggest Chocolate Crepe Cake have been taller yet, but Kazakos decided not to add the last 20 crepes to his wobbly masterpiece "The chocolate started melting," he said. "I was afraid we'd lose the whole thing."

  As a finishing touch, Kazakos stood on a picnic table and emptied a can of whipped cream atop it. Then he engaged in a whipped-cream fight with his daughter.

   "Crepes - me and my family, we love them. They're so good," he said.

   "Anybody hungry?" he asked the crowd? Kazakos sliced the Biggest Chocolate Crepe Cake into pizza-shaped slices and served them to visitors.

  Report by MICHAEL MILLER / courtesy Press of Atlantic City

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  Sunday, August 10, 2008

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