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  Largest crab cake-world record set by Handy International and Dover Downs

[March 12]DOVER, Del., USA--The 106.59 kilograms (235 pounds) crabcake made by Handy International in conjunction with Dover Downs Hotel & Casino had set the world record for the Largest Crabcake.

    Photo:Handy International's Jim Cupp, left, feeds Jay Ivancic, right, as Howard Hammond watches a test cook in Crisfield for the world-record crab cake, weighing 235 pounds.

 (enlarge photo)

   The story of the Great Crab Cake begins in October 2006 at the Diamond State BBQ Championship held at the Dover Downs Hotel & Casino in Delaware.

   Cooked up by Dover Downs, the idea was to make the world's largest crab cake because, well, it had never been done and it was National Seafood Week, after all.

    The communal meal would call for the usual ingredients, an unusual cooking apparatus and a statewide appetite.

   Jim Cupp, regional sales manager for Handy International, a man on a promotional mission, went to work on the project. Days before the Oct. 21 event at Dover Downs, Cupp oversaw two, 235-pound crab cake tests conducted at Handy's Crisfield plant. The colossal cakes passed the taste test.

  For the Dover Downs event, Cupp built a $10,000, three-foot rotisserie pan to hold the recipe, which required 152 pounds of crab- meat plus breadcrumbs, mayonnaise, onions and pasteurized eggs.

   Handy International Inc., a 100-year-old Salisbury, Md., seafood processor, mixed the crab cake ingredients -- 60 percent back fin crabmeat, mayonnaise, bread crumbs, eggs, onions, seasoning, Worcestershire sauce, mustard, hot sauces and secret spices -- at its plant.
   Then, the blend was transported to Dover Downs Hotel & Casino by a refrigerated truck.

  Cupp joined forces with Dover's hotel chef, Fred Bohn, and George Fiorile, vice president of hotel operations, and together they cooked the 235-pound crab cake over an open flame for a mere nine hours (originally 236 pounds, the crab cake lost a pound in cooking shrinkage).

  "I approached a couple folks, but no one wanted to make something that big," said Jim Cupp, regional sales manager for Handy International Inc.

      The crab cake was roundly admired before it was carved up into 600 sandwiches.

     "You would expect it to be dry, but it was very moist. We were blown away by the taste," says George Fiorile, vice president and general manager of hotel operations.

   A representative of the Delaware Department of Health certified that the crab cake was a wholesome and edible food, not only to comply with world records regulations, but also to ensure its fitness for consumption.

   "It was fantastic!" Cupp said. "More people were lined up around our tent than any of the barbecue competitors."

  For now, the special baking pan is in Handy's storage. "We can make another 235-pound crab cake sandwich if someone wanted to do a fundraiser," Cupp said. "I have a person in Wilmington considering something for an event in June."
   The previous world record, set by the United Kingdom's Young's Bluecrest Seafood in 2003, was a 55-pound cake made of 40 percent cod, seasoned potatoes, breadcrumbs and batter.

   Video: 235-pound crab cake earns world record

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