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  Most fish dinners-Polish heritage Festival sets world record

[June 1] HAMBURG, NY, USA--Friday night at the Hamburg Fairgrounds, organizers of the 6th annual Polish Heritage Festival served up 2,551 fish fry dinners and set a new world record for the most fish dinners. That beats the previous world record, by just one serving!

   Photo: Ann Brueggeman and Theresa Hull, right, help serve up a record number of fish-fry dinners at the Sixth Annual Polish Heritage Festival at the Hamburg Fairgrounds Friday. Photo by James P. McCoy/Buffalo News (enlarge photo)

  250 of those meals were donated to the Response to Love Center in Buffalo.

   Stan Krolick, of Krolick's Bar-B-Q: "We cook 3,000 dinners during lent every Friday night, but we are at five or six different locations, and that's not bad. But when you are at one spot, and have to serve that many peopole, it's hairy,"

    Krolick was thrilled to make the record books — and help out the hungry at the same time. “This whole festival is about Polish people doing things for different charities. So what better way to [beat the record] than to do the same thing myself.”

   Roberta Jones of Attica loaded her three kids — Michael, 16, Lisa, 14, and Angela, 9 — into her car and drove all the way to Hamburg to do their part.

   “It’s the world’s largest fish fry,” she said. How could she not bring her children?

   Patricia Harris of Hamburg had spent the day taking in Polish music with friends Shirley Mazur of Lancaster and Danie and Marge Drejas of Cheektowaga. When it was dinner time, Harris insisted they get fish fry. “I was forced to eat fish fry,” Mazur said. “I wanted Polish food.” But Harris would have none of it. “We want the record,” she told her friends. “We’re acting to support this.”  



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