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 Largest bowl of soup-world record set by The Manukau Big Soup
 MANUKAU, New Zealand -- Some 25,200 litres of vegetable soup were cooked, at Lion Nathan Breweries and then dished out to the public at the Otara and Clendon community centres and Manukau's Pacific Events Centre, setting the world record for the Largest bowl of soup.

  Photo: Students from Baird Mainfreight Primary School in Otara line up for a cup of soup as part of Manukau Big Soup world record event.  Photo by BEN CAMPBELL / Manukau Courier (enlarge photo)

St Elizabeth's vicar and co-organiser Reverend Mark Beale: "It was tremendous. I don't know how many people have been fed but I know that it's quite a lot," he says. Mr Beale believes the event was really good for a community that has had "a lot of negative press lately" and was glad it ran smoothy.

He says the public who lined up for the free soup showed great enthusiasm for what the organisers were trying to accomplish.

  "We were hoping to raise the spirits of the people living in Manukau and I believe that we have done it."

  Four thousand school children were fed at the Clendon Community Centre and three thousand kids shrieked with delight, while eating the soup at the Otara Recreation Centre. In addition, 4000 two-litre containers were packaged and distributed to various groups in the community.

  Auckland Women’s Prison on Roscommon Road, retirement and rest homes, those confined to their homes and members of the public were all given some soup.

  The recipe, courtesy of professional chef Gerald Taylor, called for 18,167 litres of water, 5000 kg of peeled and chopped potatoes and 1200 kg of peeled and chopped onions, 333 kg of vegetable stock powder, 125 kg of salt, 60 kg of tomato paste, 25 kg of curry powder, 25 kg of turmeric and 25 kg of paprika.  

  Mr Beale says a large number of volunteers and companies were involved in the event and he gave a special heartfelt thank you to all of them.

  "I think the most important thing about this event is that it shows the true nature and character of the people living in Manukau.

   "This is a place where people do like to share and enjoy being together. This event was all about bringing a smile to our community and it has done that," he says.

   Private and community organisations all volunteered their products or services towards the initiative.

   The Pukekohe Vegetable Growers association donated the potatoes and onions. Profile Products provided the vegetable stock powder. The salt came from Dominion Salt. G.S. Hall Company gave the spices. L. W. Bonny and Sons sent their finest trucks to transport the soup from the brewery to the various distribution centres.

  Reports by:
  David Tauranga / courtesy of Manukau Courier
  Joseph Lopez/ courtesy of Weekley Challenge

  Previous world record:
Largest pot of soup-world record set by Venezuela 

  Saturday, September 6, 2008

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