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 Biggest chocolate eclair-world record set by The Swallow Bakery
 CHICHESTER, UK -- Ambitious bakers at The Swallow Bakery in North Street (Manager Alisha de Lacey) made a whopping 11ft 10in long chocolate eclair, containing eight pints of double cream, and a kilogram of chocolate-which sets the world record for the Biggest chocolate eclair.

   Photo: Staff at the Swallow Bakery with the Biggest chocolate eclair. /Photo Chichester Observer (enlarge photo)

Bakers Lou Allen and Michaela Heard took four hours to carefully construct the pastry in the small kitchen, and then took more than an hour filling it with cream, and spreading the chocolate on top.

   Manager Alisha de Lacey: "I was trying to work out how many calories are in it, but I don't think I want to know. "I know the average cup cake has 230 calories, but the actual eclair pastry doesn't have any sugar, it is more about the fat content.

  The order was placed by Rotherlea Care Home in Petworth as part of its Pick a Wish campaign, when residents write down their wishes and put them in a wish tin, with a winner being picked out each week.

    Manager at the bakery Alisha de Lacey said: "I think it is brilliant I am really pleased we were asked. I'm quite competitive we just want to be the best. "I was trying to work out how many calories are in it, but I don't think I want to know.

   Fred Beer, 68, (photo left) asked for the world's biggest eclair and was lucky enough to have his name drawn out. (enlarge photo)

  Activities co-ordinator at Rotherlea, Ian-James Delves, said: "I contacted the Swallow Bakery and manager Alisha de Lacey was more than happy to help.
   "Thanks to their generous support and the support of the team at Rotherlea, we have managed to make Fred's dream come true.

   Manager Alisha de Lacey"I would quite like to make the world's biggest cup cake now. If anyone has any other interesting ideas, let us know."
   World Record Academy: yes, we have; make sure you have enough chocolate (like 2 big trucks...) ready...

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Thursday, February 19, 2009

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