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  Largest Scotch Egg-world record set by Lee Streeton
 LONDON, UK -- Lee Streeton, who heads the restaurant's kitchen within London’s Brown’s Hotel, created a 6.2 kg Scotch egg after a eight hours cooking process-setting the world record for the Largest Scotch Egg.

   Photo: Chef Lee Streeton used a 4lb (1.7 kg) ostrich egg, 10lb (4 kg) of Gloucester Old Spot sausage meat and 2lb (940g) each of haggis and 800g of breadcrumbs.   (enlarge photo)

  It took eight hours to make and will cost £145.

  Mr Streeton said: "Scotch eggs epitomise good, honest food, so what better than to make an extra large version using the best of British?" As a chef that is passionate about sourcing local ingredients, it has been enormous fun to re-create this much-loved picnic staple and champion a food that has been part of our history for hundreds of years."

   Clarence Court Director Lisa Rowe explained how the idea came about: "The ostrich egg is the latest – and largest - addition to our range, so it only seemed fitting to let Lee Streeton have a bit of fun with it and cook up something rather different for The Albemarle carving trolley."

  Waitrose has introduced the eggs, which cost £15.99, at 19 stores and hopes to attract cooks looking to experiment.

  The eggs, from specialist egg supplier Clarence Court, come from free-range birds on a Lincolnshire farm which only lay once every three days or so.

   Lisa Rowe, director of Clarence Court, said: "The largest egg of any bird species, this product promises to be talking point at very large breakfast tables across the country."

    Wednesday, August 13, 2008

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